Friday, June 19, 2015
Hey cutie pies! I am SO excited (when aren't I?) to share these babies with you. These are the Makeup Revolution "I Heart Makeup" Lip Lavas! What's that? Their packaging looks kind of familiar? That's because it's very reminiscent of the Too Faced Melted Liquified Lipsticks. One would even say a dupe for them? In fact, Makeup Revolution has a whole bunch of dupes/lookalikes for a lot of Too Faced products (as well as some super unique products!). Unfortunately, I don't actually own any of the Melted lipsticks (I admit, I suck) so I can't compare but I can promise some in-depth reviewing so you can decide for yourself. Let's do this thang!

So first things first. Makeup Revolution is from the UK. I know, I know. Shipping, however, does even out with how much you're saving buying those dupes instead of the real thing. *Shrugs* So there's that?

The Lip Lavas come in a squeeze tube with a soft, sponge applicator. The consistency is a little thick but so smooth and easy to work with. I think that's the Vitamin E in it making it all creamy to work with. All of them have incredible pigmentation of a lipstick and the intense shine of a lipgloss. Shockwave and Firestorm are actually even glossier, if that's possible, than the others. What's pretty awesome is that one swipe pretty much covers both lips without having to squeeze more product out! I am so unbelievably impressed with these, guys. For $4.59 each, you really can't go wrong. I was going to pick out my absolute must-have from this group but to be honest, they're all pretty incredible. Wear time is about six hours and the gloss does kind of wear down but I wouldn't say it loses its pigmentation. Also, no scent or taste to report which is kind of weird in a beauty world where everything has a scent. It's kind of refreshing!

  • Forgiven - a brown-toned nude (dupe for Nude?)
  • Unleash - a neon coral tangerine. (dupe for Coral?)
  • Tremor - a bright ballet pink. (dupe for Peony?)
  • Shockwave - a neon lilac. (dupe for Violet?)
  • Firestorm - a bright cherry apple red. (dupe for Ruby?)
Overall: Putting that they may be dupes for the Melted Liquified Lipsticks aside (which is always a win in my book!), these are ah-mazing! I am such a huge fan of them. The consistency, the applicator, the wear time, the colors themselves - just amazing! I highly recommend you guys treating yourselves to these babies!
Makeup Revolution | Shop ($4.59US)
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