Tuesday, July 21, 2015
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Hi loves! Today I'm bringing you a review of the FOREO LUNA Skincare Device (for sensitive/normal skin)! Skincare is something that has become incredibly important to me since I've gotten older. I truly believe that your makeup will look fabulous when you take care of the canvas (aka your skin) underneath. So let's check this baby out!

The FOREO LUNA Skincare Device comes in three different model for different skin types: pink for sensitive/normal skin, blue for combo skin and white for ultra-sensitive. The differences for each model include different sized cleaning brush surfaces to accommodate that skin type. Each comes with the FOREO LUNA itself, a charger, a manual and authenticity card. A huge plus is that you don't have to buy any replacement heads - like, ever. YES!

I chose the sensitive/normal skin. For the most part, my skin is just normal with some sensitive areas around the t-zone and chin that can breakout easily. 

So right off the bat, let's talk about the T-Sonic Technology. With up to 8,000 pulsations per minute, this baby gentle removes dead skin cells and unclogs dirt, oil and makeup residue from your pores. The silicone, for the most part, is soft and non-abrasive. That being said, even though this says to be to be used day and night on the box, I really only recommend using this once a day to once every other day until you really know how your skin will react to being used twice a day. Honestly, I feel that you don't really even need to use it twice a day and using it once to once every other (preferably at night) works just as well. 

Another note is that the silicone brush itself is nonporous so you don't ever have to worry about nasty bacteria buildup which makes it 35x more hygienic than others in its category. The LUNA is also waterproof, lasts about 450 uses per full charge (I'm not up to that yet so I'll have to take the info on the site's word for that one) and like I said before, needs no replacement heads.

Lastly, flip the LUNA over to the other side and you'll find the Anti-Aging Mode. This side has lower frequency pulses directed through silicone waves onto wrinkle-prone areas to smooth them out. While my laugh lines and subtle crows feet aren't gone, I do feel that the areas are slightly firmer and are "smoothed out" somewhat. I'll have to update in a few months and let y'all know how that's going.

How I use it:
I've been using this every night with great results. First off, I start off by removing my makeup and applying my favorite cleanser (currently it's the Biore Charcoal Cleanser). Then taking the LUNA on the silicone cleansing brush side, wet, I apply it to my face for about 15 seconds using it in small areas until I have covered my entire face. Then I rinse my face. Next, I turn the LUNA over to the anti-aging waves and apply this to any areas I have wrinkles (around my mouth, temple area, forehead) for about 12 seconds (the pulsations stop every 12 seconds so no worries if you lose count!). Then I apply my favorite moisturizer and off I go!

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