Thursday, July 30, 2015
* This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks / Pampers.

I can't believe in just a few weeks, Hunter will be 11 months old. Time has flown by! With that time under our belts, I think it's safe to say: we know diapers. We've had our fair share figuring out which ones worked for him (and us!). We needed a diaper that fit our son comfortably, would work for overnights, wouldn't leak and could hold up to the most insane explosions (I guarantee you it will happen at the most inopportune EVER!)

Although we've tried almost every single diaper brand on the block, Pampers has been our go-to, holy grail, favorite diaper ever! From swaddlers to crawlers, the diapers have grown with Hunter to always provide a comfortable, safe and leak-free fit.

Recently, we were given the chance to try out Pampers new Premier Care Diaper line and naturally, we were all over it! But how do they hold up compared to our normal diapers? Let's check it out!

First off, let me assure you these diapers were put to the test these past few weeks! Besides normal day-to-day use, Hunter unfortunately had Coxsakie all last week and really tested these diapers out, if you catch my drift. I'm happy to report that even though the explosions were, er, explosive, there were no casualties. In fact, there was absolutely no leaking whatsoever. Pretty impressive, if you ask me!

So what makes these diapers different from others? For one, they're softer and seem to hug Hunter's cute little tush a little better. They have breathable material to keep air circulating around the baby's skin. Besides being hypoallergenic, they have extra absorb panels and an absorb-away liner to keep the wetness/mess away from the baby. Lastly, they have that handy-dandy wetness detector line that goes from yellow to blue when it's wet. 

You can find Pampers Premier Care Diapers at your local Walmart