Thursday, October 1, 2015
Hi chickadees! How's your week going? I hope it's going it's going as fabulous as you are *insert cheesy wink*. Hahaha. Alright. Today's post is all about Makeup Revolution, a drugstore brand from the UK! They're also known in the beauty world for pretty killer dupes for some cult-fave palettes and such.

Iconic 2 Palette ($6) - The Redemption Iconic 2 is warm-toned 12 shadow palette. It contains three mattes, six metallics, three satins and three shimmers. It also comes with a dual-sided applicator (yes, foam applicator - not a brush). Does this palette look familiar? That's because it's known on the beauty block as an amazing dupe for the Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette. I'll compare the two in a second but let's talk about the shades in this palette first. 

  • #1 - a matte yellow cream.
  • #2 - a metallic orange-y bronze.
  • #3 - a soft satin champagne.
  • #4 - a metallic rose gold.
  • #5 - a matte taupe with purple undertones.
  • #6 - a satin blackened bronze.
  • #7 - a shimmery taupe.
  • #8 - a satin steel grey.
  • #9 - a metallic grey with pink undertones.
  • #10 - a metallic warm copper with micro glitter.
  • #11 - a satin brown.
  • #12 - a matte black.
I was going to go through each shade and note any issues but honestly, this palette was pretty fabulous. I had a minor issue with two shades but the rest were pigmented, smooth and had little to no fall out. The trouble makers were #1 and #11. #1 applied a bit chalky and barely showed up when used on the eye. That being said, my skin tone is similar to the color so that could obviously be it but I've read that others had issues with it showing up. The second troublemaker was #11. The first few swatches, it barely showed up and was super dry. After "scratching the surface", it seemed to apply fine and was very pigmented. So beware that some shadows might have that weird "coating" on the top that you have to get through before it applies normally. My absolute faves of the bunch would have to be #4, #5, #6 and #10.

 (Middle lid: #2 | Outer V: #11 | Crease: #5 | Lower lid: #5 and #2 | Inner corner: #3)
So how does it compare to Urban Decay's Naked 2 Palette? Pretty darn close. There are a few that are slightly off but for the most part, they're very similar and you definitely don't need both palettes. There's also a difference in formulas and consistencies as well. I'll break it down for you.
  • #1 vs. Foxy - Foxy is slightly less dry than #1 but they both seem to be the same shade and have a slightly chalky finish to both. 
  • #2 vs. Half Baked - Almost exactly the same except I think that Half Baked has slightly larger glitter in it.
  • #3 vs. Bootycall - The swatches above don't show it very well but #3 has pink undertones while Bootycall has peach undertones.
  • #4 vs. Chopper - Same.
  • #5 vs. Tease - #5 is softer than Tease but the color is the same.
  • #6 vs. Snakebite - Snakebite is WAY more of a blackened gold than #6. It is significantly darker in person.
  • #7 vs. Suspect - Same.
  • #8 vs. Pistol - Same.
  • #9 vs. Verve - Verve is softer and more pigmented while #9 had to be built up (like, one more swipe) to be the same opacity. Verve is also more beige-y while #9 has some warmer undertones.
  • #10 vs. YDK - Exactly the same.
  • #11 vs. Busted - Busted is way more pigmented. WAY more.
  • #12 vs. Blackout - The same which is impressive because I can't even tell you guys how hard it is to find a nice, pigmented black. Bravo!

Amazing Lipstick in Love Nude ($1.50) - Love Nude is a satin-y nude with brown undertones. I found that the color would be flattering on most skintones because it starts off sheer but can be re-applied to build up opacity. That being said, I wasn't a fan. The scent of the lipstick is black licorice which I don't find appealing (personal preference) and the consistency of the lipstick felt almost cheap. 

Salvation Intense Lacquer in Gave You All My Love ($4.55) - I'm normally not a fan of glossy lipglosses (doesn't that make sense?) but I really liked this one. It's not sticky but has a high shine and is nicely pigmented. The color itself is an intense fuchsia with subtle shimmer. The only thing I wasn't a fan of was the scent which smells like a weird, cheap cherry. Wasn't a fan.

Overall: Out of the bunch, the Redemption Iconic 2 Palette was the all-star! I was very impressed with the pigmentation and general application of the shades. For a drugstore palette, this rivals some of the high-end alternatives - including it's infamous dupe! 

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