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ColourPop Trust Me... & Lumiere 2 | Review + Swatches

Happy Tuesday, y'all! I have been waiting allllll day to edit this post. A certain toddler refused to nap until just an hour ago in which he passed out in about two minutes and I raced to the computer to start this thang. #momlife

So today I'll be talking about the two newest lipsticks from ColourPop - Trust Me... and Lumiere 2! 

  • Trust Me... (a bright red cherry with a new matte x finish) - I had no idea what to expect with this but I always get excited when ColourPop releases a new finish. The formula is described as a "super matte, but super comfortable, long wearing lipstick" - well, sign me up! I am SO in love with this finish. It's exactly how they describe it. It's insanely pigmented but so, so comfy with a matte finish. Matte and non-drying? It's a miracle! No, but seriously. I can't wait to see more lippie stix with this finish but it's definitely a must-have.
  • Lumiere 2 (a dark muted mauve) - ColourPop released Lumiere 2 for KathleenLights birthday as a surprise and it's stunning! Also, has ColourPop gone and changed their liquid lipstick formula again? I noticed a significant change in this one. It's more liquid-y but still really pigmented. It goes on a lot smoother, dries a little slower but lasts longer. Does that make sense? As for Lumiere 2 itself, how gorgeous, right? Lumiere 2 is basically the liquid version of Lumiere but slightly darker. I also noted that Lumiere 2 dries even darker on the lips than what appears in the bottle. Last time was about six hours!

Overall: I am SO excited to see what other lippie stix will come out with the matte x finish. Trust Me... is so stunning and is very comfortable. Probably one of the most comfiest matte lipsticks I've ever worn! Lumiere 2 is gorgeous and the formula seems to have changed to a more liquid-y consistency, smoother application that dries slower but lasts longer.

Shop | Trust Me... is currently sold out / Lumiere 2 ($6)

PS. ColourPop is coming out with new ultra satin lipsticks February 18th! Naturally, your girl will have your covered and will try her best to order all of them! ;)


  1. I've been meaning to buy Lumiere 2. I have Lumiere and I love it so I definitely want the liquid lipstick version!!

  2. The finish looks flawless, so even!

  3. Their matte x finish/formula is the bomb! I just got cami and it's a great MLBB shade.. sort of similar to lumiere but more on the brown shade since lumiere is a bit mauve-y ☺


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