Monday, March 14, 2016
#GoodyBrushEd #CollectiveBias
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Happy Monday y'all! Today I'll be sharing with you a tutorial on how to get soft and fluffy waves using three of my favorite hair brushes. 

This tutorial is great for my thin-haired babes because it focuses more on creating lift from the brushes and heat rather than relying on lots of products to create volume which can sometimes cause the opposite and weigh the hair down.

Also, all these Goody goodies (see what I did there?) can be found at your local Walmart which always makes me happy because, let's be honest, we are all there more than we'd like to admit. #obsessed

Onto the tutorial:

  • So first we'll be starting with damp hair. Using the Goody Detangle It Vent Brush, I gently brush through my hair to get rid of any tangles I may have. I find this brush to be amazing for wet hair and that it never pulls or snags!
  • While we won't be relying much on products for lift and volume, I did go ahead and massage a tiny bit of my favorite volumizing hair mousse into my roots while my hair was still damp and then went back in and brushed it through with the Goody Detangle It Vent Brush.
  • Next, we'll be blow drying! I recommend lightly misting a heat protectant on my hair (especially your ends) before using any heat tools. Then I split and clipped my hair into sections and focused on blow drying the bottom half first.
  • Once the bottom is done, I unclipped the top and focused on really getting some volume up there. Using the Goody Amp It Up Round Brush, I wrapped the front section of my hair around it the bristles, starting at the roots and started to blow dry. I continued to do the same motion for the rest of the top half of my head.
  • Next, I sectioned my hair off again like I previously did and taking my favorite curling iron, I curled the bottom half of my hair. After each curl, I would release the curl into my hand (make sure you wear gloves if it's too hot!) and let it cool off, cupped in my hand. This helps set the curl so you don't lose the shape.
  • After the bottom half is done, I moved onto the top half and did the same release the curl into my hand and let it cool off motion. Then I lightly sprayed the curls with a lightweight hair spray. 
  • Lastly, taking the Goody Clean Radiance Oval Cushion Brush, I lightly brushed out the curls to give super soft, fluffy waves. How easy was that!? Note:  The Clean Radiance Oval Cushion Brush has copper bristles that massage the scalp and actually reduce the natural build up on your scalp over time as well as restore your hair's natural moisture balance. How awesome is that? 

What's your favorite way to get waves? Make sure to check out Goody Brush ED for more tutorials and information on the brushes used in mine!

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#GoodyBrushEd #CollectiveBias
This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias Inc., and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone.