Friday, May 6, 2016
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Hey everyone! Mother's Day is May 8th (that's t-minus two days) and these limited edition Dove products (only found at Rite Aid!) are the perfect gifts. I can totally picture them in a cute little basket with some candy and flowers? Yes, please! Show your mama some love!

  • Dove Dry Oil Body Wash - Any body wash that has an oil in it, I am all over! I find that they are incredibly moisturizing and kick the last step of applying oil/lotion after you shower, to the curb. Who doesn't love saving time? The Dove Dry Oil Body Wash combines Moroccan Argan Oil with Dove's super mild cleansers and their NutriumMoisture technology to leave your skin soft and smooth. PS. If you don't have those little rubber mats in your shower, be careful! This wash can leave the floor a little slippery!
  • Dove Regenerative Nourishment Shampoo - Let's face it. About 75% of us women have somewhat damaged hair. Either it's from hot tools, hair dye or just the daily elements - it happens! The Dove Regenerative Shampoo saves the day with a special Red Algae + Keratin NutriComplex to leave your hair smooth all the while helping it resist any breakage. The formula itself actually repairs in internal structure for damaged hair, making it fabulous from the inside out.
  • Dove Regenerative Nourishment Conditioner - Naturally, a shampoo needs a conditioner that kicks butt as well! That's where the Dove Regenerative Conditioner comes in! I love to use this before I shampoo for the softest hair imaginable. I swear, you guys, it's life changing! Anyway, this conditioner nourishes your hair with the same special Red Algae + Keratin NutriComplex as the shampoo for double damage control from any breakage to leave your hair silky smooth.

Want a free sample of the Dove Dry Oil Body Moisture Body Wash, Regenerative Shampoo or Conditioner? Click here for a free kit + $3 off coupon (redeemable at Rite Aid)!

* Products were sent to me / I was compensated for this post as part of the Rite Aid Network but naturally, all opinions are my own. Plus, who DOESN'T love Dove?!