Friday, August 12, 2016
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Morning everyone! I was warned that things would change once you become a mom. Your priorities, your opinions on different things, your overall outlook on life - and what's in your purse! I'm not even talking about trading out your lipsticks for some diapers and wipes. I'm talking about super random things that you never, ever thought you'd have in there but are total life necessities now.

I've compiled a list (simply by pouring out my purse-turned-diaper-bag) and thought I'd share with you what I keep in my bag to keep life's little surprises at bay (some are pictured below, some are hidden so far under a layer of crumbs - but I promise they're there):
  • Mints - Seems harmless enough, right? Except these are more for those days when you are running out of the house, are already halfway to your destination and remember you forgot to brush your teeth. Nothing says a toothbrush replacement like a yummy, vanilla mint.
  • Deodorant - Another precautionary item in my bag! Have I emphasized how often it is that I run out of the house, sometimes still in my pajama shirt and yogas? Keeping a travel-sized deodorant in my purse is great for those kind of days where I just forget everything and need to pull myself together in the car. Also, since having a child, I sweat - like, a lot so having this is convenient for those times as well.
  • CAREFREE Acti-Fresh Thin Liners - These liners are an absolute necessity for so many different reasons! Analogy time: a diaper to my son, are these liners to me. Remember when I was talking about "life's little surprises" earlier? These total cover that! I wasn't joking when I said lots of things change when you become a mom. Like, how terrifying it is to have horrible allergies after having a child. Or just sneezing in general. Or being pregnant and having your unborn child give a nice, sweet hug to your bladder. It happens to the best of us but now I don't need to worry (and don't have to pack extra underwear) with these babies in my bag. Thanks to their cotton-like fibers bonded together, they move with me and keep me feeling fresh. I also really like the Carefree Acti-Fresh Original Regulars which are slightly bigger but still thin enough that it feels like I'm not wearing anything. They, too, have a unique odor control system so there's no worries throughout the day. *Right now, CAREFREE liners are 10% off on Target's Cartwheel app (LOVE this app!). Runs 6/27 - 8/7.
  • Hair Ties / Bobby Pins - These are staples in my life! With a toddler, getting into the shower is a mission in and of itself. When those days just don't happen, hair ties and bobby pins help me throw my hair into a messy mom bun and get stuff done.
  • Toy cars - Guys, I have a parking lot in my purse. Like, I could never imagine having this many toy cars in my bag ever. My toddler is obsessed with them! There's nothing more fun than fumbling for your wallet at a checkout and pulling out a miniature souped up ambulance and a bright pink Evo.
  • Breast Pads - These might not be necessary for everyone but for a mommy due in a few weeks (or a mommy that has just had a baby), these are fabulous to have on hand. And lots of them! If you find yourself without breast pads, you can cut a CAREFREE liner in half and stick them into your bra to absorb any milk leakage.

I, like many moms, do lots of my shopping at Target! Since we've moved, it's been so convenient being about ten minutes away. They have this amazing Cartwheel app that has different percentage off offers every week - only for Cartwheel users! All you do is download the offers you want onto your phone, scan the barcode and enjoy! Right now, they have CAREFREE liners 10% off on the app - runs 6/27 - 8/7.

 What are your absolute necessities kept in your handbag, especially now that you've had children?

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #SpeakFreelyCarefree#CollectiveBias