Sunday, July 17, 2016
Hey guys! So quite a few weeks ago, Beauty Bay had this absolutely insane sale where it was buy one Makeup Geek product, get one free. I'll give you a minute to soak that in. Naturally, I (as well as thousands of others) were allllllll over that. Cue mass makeup-induced pandemonium but long story short, your babe got her shadows!

Beauty Baby is located in the UK (and I'm in the US) so I was worried about how long shipping would take, the lack of a tracking number (very norm for overseas for your tracking number to work there but as soon as it gets to the US, it's untrackable). Beauty Bay was so, SO kind on updating me where my package was and overall, it took about two weeks to get here. All in all, not too bad.

I also ordered my Z-Palette separately (although Beauty Bay does sell them) because I was in such a rush to get my MUG order in that I forgot to order a palette. #totalfail I ended up ordering off of the Makeup Geek site and got the large Z-Palette because the Z-Palette site itself said it holds 28 MUG-sized pans but the MUG site said it's only 27. Whomp, whomp. 

As you can see from the pictures below, the palette doesn't allow you to fit the seven pans evenly on the bottom row. It's a little disappointing because I ordered 28 pans thinking they'd all fit. Also, it's just odd? But makeup probz, huh?

The Z-Palette itself is great quality even though it's just a sturdy cardboard with a clear panel on the top lid so you can see through it. As of right now, I don't see this being super travel-friendly because I'm pretty sure the pans would go everywhere if your bag is dropped. I'm traveling in a few weeks and will report back on that one.

If you're unfamiliar Makeup Geek shadows, each one is talc-free, cruelty-free and paraben-free. Each pan is $6 (for normal shades, $8 for duochromes, $10 for foiled) and are .0064 oz. From top left to right:

  • Rockstar - a medium silver base duochrome with pink-purple reflects.
  • Concrete Jungle - a matte deep grey with subtle purple undertones 
  • Galaxy - a metallic gunmetal. 
  • Shimma Shimma - a metallic champagne.
  • Vanilla Bean - a peachy beige with light shimmer.
  • Confection - a slightly mauve-y pink matte.
  • Phantom - a white based duochrome with violet purple reflects.
  • High Wire - a medium silver with subtle blue undertones foil.
  • Curfew - a matte medium plum purple.
  • Houdini - a deep emerald teal green foil.
  • Time Travel - a matte deep teal with grey undertones.
  • Bedrock - a medium grey matte with brown undertones.
  • Whimsical - a light silvery pink foil.
  • Bleached Blonde - a shimmery pale gold.
  • Boo Berry - a denim blue matte with grey undertones.
  • Shore Thing - a matte pastel mint.
  • Sea Mist - a shimmery turquoise.
  • Cherry Cola - a deep brown matte with strong red undertones.
  • Cupcake - a matte medium pink.
  • Starry Eyed - a light champagne beige foil with pink undertones.
  • Morocco - a rich, burnt orange matte.
  • Dirty Martini - a matte olive green.
  • Fuji - a bright apple green matte.
  • Typhoon - a deep teal base with green and gold reflects.
  • Steampunk - a black base with rich copper reflects.
  • Americano - a dark brown matte with subtle purple undertones.
  • Peach Smoothie - a light peach beige matte.
As you guys can tell, I love a good mix of neutrals and fun colors. My absolute faves that you need in your life are: Shimma Shimma, Confection, Bedrock, Whimsical, Starry Eyed, Dirty Martini and Americano! Which ones are your absolute must-haves?

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