Wednesday, August 10, 2016
Well guys. It's official. I'm 38 weeks and four days pregnant today (this post has been sitting here for so long that I've edited how pregnant I am four different times already!) - and just now started on my hospital bag.

I realize I'm probably more "seasoned" this time because I already know what I want/need to bring versus what I thought I needed. So as an almost-second time mommy, I'm here to hopefully calm your nerves if you're doing this for the first time and share what exactly you need and don't need.

Before even packing your bag. I highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend finding out what exactly your hospital will supply you and your baby with while you're there (also ask if they have pull out beds for your S/O) because that will save on bag space. For example, our hospital provided diapers, wipes, diaper cream, formula, breast pumps, Lansinoh Lanolin for your nipples, mesh underwear, Dermoplast, Tucks, a peri bottle, swaddles, hats and a water jug (basically, everything). For laboring, they also provided a yoga ball to bounce on and I'm pretty sure there were other options that I can't remember.

All of this (minus the breast pump) was allowed to go home with us as well and we could ask for seconds, thirds and fourths. I repeat, do not hesitate to take these things! If you're planning on breastfeeding/pumping, your insurance may cover a pump and send you one within a few days of your due date without any issues. Obviously, you'll have to schedule this before you give birth and then update them once you get out and they usually overnight to you.

Okay. Now for what's in the bag? Keep in mind, this is what I need/ed. Maybe you want music to labor to, prefer wearing slippers or want to give birth naked. I suggest you really think about what would makes you the comfiest and most relaxed and kind of go with that. Also, there's nothing wrong with overpacking. That being said, better to have than not and wish you did, y'know?

What's in my hospital bag?

  • Nightgown - I'll be delivering at the same hospital I had Hunter again. I actually remember when I went for my hospital tour, that it was insanely cold and noted to bring warm clothes. SIKE! I had packed a nightgown, robe, etc. and ended up living in just my nightgown for the two days we were there because I was actually so hot after giving birth. The nightgown was nursing friendly, easy access so the nurses could check me out and dark colored. I will definitely be bringing something like this again with me this time around as it worked out fabulously and suggest bringing something like this at least for the first night (the nurses do a lot of checking).
  • A Comfy Outfit - Even though it wasn't needed for me last time,  I'm still throwing an extra outfit in, just in case. Just a baggy t-shirt and yogas will do!There's no harm in bringing in an extra outfit in case something happens to the first.
  • Going Home Outfit - While mine will be yogas and a baggy shirt, other great options are: maxi dresses, nursing tanks, tees - basically anything that stretches and doesn't cling. Most of the time, you'll retain some water and fluids after birth so the rule of thumb is to bring something that fits you as if you were six months pregnant still. If you end up having a c-section, I can only imagine there'd be nothing worse than restricting clothing that rubs on my cut. Ouch! Baggy clothes, it is.
  • Nursing Bras + Large Underwear - YES, YES, YES. Even though my milk didn't come in until three to four days after birth and they gave me mesh underwear with the works, I recommend bringing these with you. The large underwear is a great option if you're not comfy in the mesh underwear offered (just use a large pad with your underwear instead). I personally like boy shorts for extra comfort. The nursing bra was great for easy access when feeding the baby in the hospital so I'll be bringing both this time around again. I've also heard Depends Silhouettes are the bee's knees and while I won't be bringing them, I'll have them for me when I get home.
  • Your Own Towel + Flip Flops - After I gave birth to my son last time, I was able to take a shower! Thank God for bringing my own towel and flip flops! Let's be real, the showers have seen things, man, and I was ever grateful to have these with me. Unless your hospital freelances as a fancy hotel on the side, their towels probably aren't going to be that great. I ended up bringing my own towel last time but didn't grab one for my hair and ended up having to use theirs. It was SO scratchy, small and didn't really dry me off. Having my own comfy towel was the best decision like, ever. Having my own flip flops also came in handy while walking around laboring and was even part of my super fancy leaving-the-hospital-outfit because I was SO swollen from giving birth and the fluids given to you afterward, that they were all I could wear. Totally blessing.
  • Phone/Phone Charger + Camera/Camera Charger - I didn't bring my camera last time and really wished I had. Granted, my phone's camera was fine and got the job done but I'll definitely be bringing my camera this time around for better pictures. Plus, I think I'm just more into photography this time and have a new lens I want to try out ;)
  • Makeup Bag - I wasn't going to but this is one of those "better safe than sorry" things. I'll be bringing a makeup bag again (even though I didn't use it last time), just in case! I'm just going to bring the bare necessities though - Urban Decay One & Done Skin Perfector (my absolute favorite super lightweight foundation that can be applied with your fingers if need be), a concealer, mascara, brow pencil, bronzer and blush. I'll probably also throw in my Batiste Dry Shampoo (fabulous for if you've been sweating and need something to soak up all the oil), deodorant, hair ties and sanitizer. 
  • Snacks - I didn't bring any snacks with my first son two years ago because I feel like everything happened so fast that I didn't even have time to think about being hungry but I'll bring some mints and light snacks for my fiance, at the very least.
  • Other suggestions: I thought I add them into my list in case others might want to even though I won't - iPod or iPad/tablet, magazines/book, tennis balls (to roll and massage your back), a comfy pillow from home, a Boppy/My Breast Friend for breastfeeding, lip balm, robe, slippers and/or candies/thank you's for the nurses.
Make sure your S/O packs a bag as well and to bring any insurance information, ID's, things like that. As for the baby, I usually pack a diaper bag for them. If you guys would like to see an updated post on that, let me know! If not (or you need it now), I have a list here of what I brought with my first son.

What is something you wished you brought to the hospital? What's one thing you didn't need? Let me know in the comments!