Thursday, August 4, 2016
Reason #23230034 I know I'm tired: When I think I've already posted all about these products already, took pictures and edited them, end up searching my blog like a freak looking for the review, just to find that I deleted the pictures and a post was never done.

Someone send help in the form of three straight days of uninterrupted sleep.

Anyway, onto the official, real, totally here post all about Mojo Spa - a company from Chicago that prides themselves on totally awesome, handmade products "where beauty meets comfort". They've really cornered the market with products ranging from skincare to haircare to cosmetics to nails and just about everything in between. Seriously. Mojo Spa is a one-stop-shop!

I was so, so incredibly lucky enough to be approached by Kaylyn from Mojo Spa to try out a few products so I picked out a few of their most popular ones to share with you guys. Let's hop in!

Mojo Spa Beach Bum Texturizing Styling Cream ($15) - A bestseller from Mojo Spa, this lightweight texturizing cream is made with hazelnut oil (nourishes without leaving behind a greasy residue), castor oil (protects against moisture loss), sea salt and light reflecting crystals for that "just back from the beach" look - without all the sand in weird places and awkward sunburns. I'm always leary of "cream" hair products because my hair is so thin and even the lightest cream can send my hair to Slick City. Thankfully, the Beam Bum cream does not weigh my hair down. I apply a small amount (I'm talking dime-sized) to my roots and work my way up, but not really getting to the root area. I then flip my head down and scrunch my hair together. I've applied this on both dry and wet hair and have absolutely loved both results!

High Society Purifying Luxury Moisturizer ($35) - Another bestseller from Mojo Spa, this moisturizer is made with Truffle Oil (contains high levels of Vitamin B Complex), Lavender and Neroli water and Honey Powder. The Lavender water is actually made fresh by infusing lavender flowers into the water which then goes into the cream and then is mixed with Lavender oil to tighten and maintain your skin. This is, hands down, my absolute favorite moisturizer right now. I've been wearing this by itself and under foundation and have never had my skin feel smoother and more moisturized.

Illuminata Illuminating Herbal Face Cream ($30) - Lastly, we have a 20-different-herb-fruit-and-flower blended face cream that acts as a primer, moisturizer and luminizer - all in one! I really liked this but the scent is insanely strong. I can't pinpoint what the scent is, exactly, but I just know it's somewhat overwhelming when you apply it to your face but it does fade away eventually. I used this as a primer the other day and loved how well it performed underneath my makeup. There is some type of illuminating situation going on but again, I can't pinpoint it. It's not glitter or shimmer. It's just this amazing glow! I love it but I do wish the scent was toned down a little.

The Beach Bum Texturizing Styling Cream has a smooth, balm-type consistency while the High Society Moisturizer is a very light cream moisturizer that your skin just drinks up without leaving behind any residue.

Overall: If you haven't heard of Mojo Spa, or maybe you've been on the fence about ordering from them, let this review totally sway you to the "you gotta get it!" side! I'm so thrilled with the results from these three products. If I had to choose just one product to totally sell you on, it would be the High Society Moisturizer. It pretty quickly turned into my holy grail moisturizer and I haven't looked back since! They actually have a whole "High Society" line that I need to check out. If you're looking for a lightweight texturizing balm for that sexy beach hair look, the Beach Bum cream is for you! Lastly, if you're in the market for a glow-from-within luminizing face cream (and can wait a few minutes for the scent to fade), the Illuminata Illuminating Face Cream is perfect for you! 

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