Monday, December 19, 2016
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Guys, we are t-minus six days until Christmas and let's just say, it's getting pretty crazy over here. The kids have colds again, my phone is dunzo (but currently getting fixed - yay!) and we're hosting Christmas Eve so we're getting ready for that as well. Decorations are hung, Christmas cards are sent out, grocery lists are made, clothes are picked out and if you're like me, you have an idea of what makeup you're going to wear as well (if not, my latest copper/burgundy look is perfect!).

Everything is basically set - except the dogs! It wouldn't be right to call myself a beauty blogger if I didn't admit that I like to get my Yorkshire Terrier, Scarlett, holiday-ready with me. Usually it's just a nice bath and I ex-nay the makeup routine ;) Scarlett's long hair is a constant upkeep and requires a lot of maintenance - especially with her love of running around in the leaves and rolling in the dirt. #gag

That's why I'm obsessed with the CocoClean beauty products from Isle of Dogs, an amazing site that carries organic and all-natural canine health and beauty products that are made and sourced in the USA.

CocoClean products are all natural and contain coconut oil in a lot (if not all) of their products which in turn helps relieve itchy skin, reduces protein loss and strengthens hair, keeps hair smooth and soft and creates a stronger protective skin barrier.

  • CocoClean Xtra Clean Shampoo ($8.99) - The Xtra Clean Shampoo is ah-mazing! It removes all the dirt without being harsh on Scarlett's hair - even when you have to wash her four days in a row because she kept finding mud to play in. And the scent! Holy cow. The raspberries and champagne scent is to die-for. Someone bottle that in a shampoo for people and I am SO sold!
  • CocoClean Brush Spray ($8.99) - Did you know it's recommended to use brush spray before brushing your dog's hair? Probably in the same way we should use a detangler in ours so we're not pulling and tugging our hair out when we brush. This one contains coconut oil to keep everything silky smooth and hydrated. Again, I'm a huge fan of the scent! The Violet and Sea Mist mix keeps her smelling so pretty without being overpowering.
  • Isle of Dogs Violet and Sea Mist Repl├íscent ($9.99) - Gone are the days of that fun smell of wet dog and flowers! This odor-neutralizing spray completely neutralizes the odor instead of just adding to it. While this is not to be sprayed on your dog itself, it can be sprayed around the house and car.

As dramatic as this sounds, I swear, these will be the only products I ever use on my dogs again. I'm so, so impressed! The price point is so perfect ($8.99-$9.99), the scents are gorgeous and the shampoo leaves my dog's hair so incredibly soft. And on top of all of that, it's all-natural? Yes please!

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* Products were sent for review.