Thursday, August 25, 2016
Guess who's still pregnant?! This chick. I'll be 41 weeks tomorrow! I went to the doctor's yesterday and she scheduled an induction for Tuesday. I'm a little bummed about that decision as I'm SO nervous about being induced but here's hoping that Baby B comes this weekend instead which is still a possibility. Send lots of labor dust my way, guys!

Anywho, I thought I'd share with you what's inside my diaper bag to the hospital! I'm keeping it pretty minimal because our hospital supplies diapers, wipes, etc. so I don't need to bring much - thank God! PS. If you guys would like to see what my normal, everyday diaper bag will probably be like for a newborn and a toddler, let me know! I can definitely share that with y'all if you'd like to see it.

  • Olivia + Joy Zoom Tote ($41) - So let's talk about the bag first! I originally had it planned that I'd be using this gorgeous Violet Ray bag I had my eye on for forever for a diaper bag but a trip to TJ Maxx totally changed my mind. This Olivia + Joy tote is basically the most perfect diaper bag in disguise. It's nylon so it's extremely easy to clean. It has two large interior pockets (one side will be for Baby B and the other for Hunter). It also has three exterior zipper pockets (one the length of the bag and two smaller ones) PLUS four exterior pockets that don't zipper. Basically, there's zippers everywhere which is perfect for me.

  • Carter's Neutral Little Lamb Coveralls ($12.98) - Guys, I wanted these for forever and kept telling myself, "Yeah, I'll buy them when I get closer to my due date." and by that time, the newborn size was totally sold out at Carter's online and in stores! I was so, so bummed. My mom to the rescue because she found them on Macy's and surprised me with them! SO cute and so soft. Thanks, mommy!
  • Mittens, Socks + Hat - First off, mittens are a must! Hunter came out with some serious claws and I was so thankful I brought some with me so he didn't scratch up his face so I'll be bringing them with me again. Also, my mom got Baby B this hat that says "Born To Be Loved" and I think it's so precious that I had to pack it in the bag! Lastly, socks because why not? I mean, it'll be the end of August so I'm assuming pretty darn hot but I like to plan ahead and thought that maybe with the AC in the car, it'd be cold so he'll need socks? 
  • aden + anais Brave Little One Swaddles - How adorable are these!? I swear by these babies as the more you wash them, the softer they get. Hunter has his own four pack with a giraffe theme so I figured we'd get foxes for Baby B. I'm bringing three (mostly for pictures) but these also come in great for covering the carseat (they're lightweight and still breathable).
  • Awesome Brother Shirt - Who knows what frame of mind I'll be the day of induction/when I go into labor so I packed this shirt for Hunter to wear for pictures. Is it not the cutest thing ever?
So that's it for my diaper bag! Again, I'm keeping it pretty minimal as I already know what the hospital provides!