Sunday, January 29, 2017
*Product sent for review.

Who only has two hands, two kids and wishes she could trade arms with an octopus some days? This mama! And going out in public? Things can get crazy quick with a two year old and wiggly five month old! I've found staying as hands-free as possible is so key when going out by yourself with two little ones. I've compiled a few tricks below that I use when going out by myself with the littles!

Keep calm. I know. Kind of silly but it helps. Going out alone with kids can sometimes be downright scary. I remember the first meltdown in the public, the first diaper blow out - I honestly thought I was going to breakdown and cry. In those situations, just take a long, deep breath. If you need to leave, leave. Go out, grab a coffee and come back. It's okay.

Go right after nap time. Or right in the morning! Obviously, this doesn't work for everyone but I swear, my kids (mostly my toddler) is in his best behavior right after a good nap or in the morning.

Bring snacks. Yeah, I'm definitely that mom that bribes her toddler with snacks for just a few more minutes. I've noticed some fruit gummies or a cheese stick combat those toddler meltdowns almost immediately.

Babywear. If you're going out with two or more little ones, I highly suggest babywearing! There's so many out there that allow you to carry in the front or your back. Many baby carriers also have a pocket in the front that allows you to tuck your keys, cards and phone in it leaving your hands free to wrangle a toddler and push a carriage.

jimmyCASE. This cell phone case is great for moms on-the-go! The case is hard plastic (mine in particular is the iPhone card case) with a mahogany core and an elastic pocket on the back that never stretches out. It holds about six cards in it tightly and while it does have an open bottom, I have yet to have anything fall out. This basically alleviates having a wallet and is great when I just need to run in somewhere and don't want to carry in my diaper bag for a quick run.

How do you stay hands-free with kids?
*Product sent for review.