Monday, January 30, 2017
*The post is sponsored by Groupon.

Straight up: As a beauty and mom blogger, I'm constantly spending money on the newest releases. Ahem. I mean, if my fiance is reading this, substitute "constantly spending money" with "receiving products for free and never spending a penny". He stopped reading? Okay. But really. It's tough to keep up without going broke. The latest mascara, the best baby carrier - it can get pricey. That's why I love Groupon Coupons!

Did you know Groupon has coupons? Yup, Groupon's not just vacations and discounts on events! Groupon Coupons currently has 75, 492 coupons/promo codes/sales in 11, 462 stores so there's something to be saved for everyone. What's really nice is that you can search for whatever store you'd like to find coupons for. Even better? These coupons/promo codes actually work! Ever search for coupon codes, find one and enter it, only to find it's either old or doesn't work? All coupons/sales/promo codes on Groupon Coupons are up-to-date! You can also enter your e-mail on the sidebar so you never miss a coupon from your favorite store!

Here's just some great sales going on right now from my favorite stores:
How do you save money?

*The post is sponsored by Groupon.