Wednesday, May 31, 2017
Oh my gosh, you guys! Burnin' the midnight oil for this one but I'm just too excited. Squeee! Between wanting this up ASAP because the collection goes on sale tomorrow and just being so, so excited for this collab, this is probably the fastest review I've ever done!

I'm talking about the ittsē x Love For Lacquer: The Glambition Collection which is a new collab with my good friend, Jess from Love For Lacquer and Cali-based, cruelty-free company ittsē and is set to launch tomorrow at 3PM EST (so set your alarms!).

Jess' collection completely embodies what it means to be a total badass girl boss and includes four killer blush/highlighter shades to get your #girlboss glow on! Guys, I'm so proud of Jess on this collab! As a fellow CT babe and OG blogger (she's actually the reason I started blogging!), it's so refreshing to see a beautifully done collab with a great blogger that deserves this success and much, much more! Congrats, Jess! x

Also, I want to quickly mention that while, yes, Jess is a friend and yes, I was so kindly sent this for review, I would never, ever, ever hype a product up (friend's or not) if the quality isn't really there.

These four shades are just absolutely gorgeous, guys. The consistency is super butter-y soft and a little goes a longggg way with the pigmentation. I'm so, so proud of Jess for embodying the Girl Boss title and collab'ing on a collection that is high quality at a great price point for her readers and didn't just put her name on crap because she's getting paid in the end, y'know?

  • Goal Digger - a rose gold highlighter. 
  • #GIRLBOSS - a peachy-pink matte blush. (Super silky smooth to the touch and incredibly pigmented. A little goes a long way with this one! I love the flushed, just-left-the-beach look it gives my cheeks.)
  • Hustle & Glow - a white gold highlighter.
  • Run The World - a light golden beige champagne highlighter. (ALL THE HEART EYES for this highlighter, guys. The pigmentation is out of this world and so, so creamy! Also, pretty sure it's a dupe for Urban Decay Afterglow Highlighter in Sin?)
That glow though! Wearing: #GIRLBOSS + Run The World

Mark your calendars and set your alarms because this collection goes live tomorrow at 3PM EST on the ittsē site! These babies will not be sold individually but as a quad for $35 or you can bundle for $50 and get the quad plus a color choice of an empty palette!

PS. If you're looking to get the bundle but aren't sure of the quality of the palettes - girlllllll, no worries! I was sent a palette in the shade Anemone (a gorgeous coral) and was so, so impressed. ittsē's palettes are vegan-leather, sturdy, thick and come complete with a mirror on the top half of the palette and a deep, magnetized empty palette on the bottom half. They also have a thin plastic divider that lays in between the palette so none of the product gets on your mirror.

Shop: Buy - ($35 for quad / $50 for bundle)
* Goes live June 1st at 3PM EST!
Use the code: xonoelle20 for 20% off your order!
(not an affiliate code, they just wanted to give my readers a discount!)

*Products sent for an honest review.