Friday, May 26, 2017
This post is sponsored by Eclair Naturals.

With summer just a few weeks away, it'll be time to break out those shorts and bathing suits to battle the heat before you know it. But raise your hand if your skin is lacking some luster. Girl, I'm right there with you.

Would you believe that exfoliating is a great way to effectively slough off all that dull, dry skin (especially from the winter) and get your skin looking healthy and glowy? On top of that, it also improves circulation, can improve the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines and prevent acne. Sign me up!

Unfortunately, not all scrubs are created equal and I'm here to break down the three most common ones:

Dead Sea Salt Scrubs - Renowned for its uniquely high mineral composition and sworn by Cleopatra, many reach for a Dead Sea salt scrub as it has many added benefits versus other scrubs and contains a chockful of minerals such as potassium and zinc that are healthy for your skin. Dead Sea salt is also rich in magnesium and calcium which, instead of drying out the skin, actually improves hydration and creates a barrier on the skin to retain moisture. That being said, with its super coarse texture, it's recommend to use this on your body only as it can be too harsh on your face. I recommend: Eclair Naturals Dead Sea Salt Scrub in French Lavender ($12.99)
Salt Scrubs - What's the difference between a salt scrub and a Dead Sea salt scrub, you ask? The location! While the Dead Sea salt scrub says it all in the name, you'd be surprised to find that many (if not most) produced salt scrub salts come from all over the place. The most popular being the Himalayas, Hawaii and/or the Mediterranean (Dead Sea). While most salt scrubs have a large, more coarse salt grain appearance (hence why it should only be used on the body), there is a slight difference in each one.

Each has their own added mineral benefits: Himalayan salt is known for decreasing blood pressure and balancing your PH. Hawaiian salt (sometimes known as Alaea salt) is unrefined sea salt mixed with red alae volcanic ash that has almost 80+ naturally occurring minerals and nutrients in it that detoxify and cleanse. Again, salt scrubs should only be used on the body as they are too abrasive for the face area. I recommend: Eclair Naturals Himalayan Salt Scrub ($12.99)

Sugar Scrubs - Sugar Scrubs are the most gentle scrub out there as they have a smaller, softer granule that dissolves faster in warm water, making them less abrasive. This scrub is also pretty universal in that almost all body types can use this with no issues while with a salt scrub, sensitive skin types could find them too harsh. While they're aren't any mineral benefits in sugar scrubs, the glycolic acid content of sugar helps protect the skin from harsh toxins. I recommend: the Eclair Naturals Creamy Coconut Sugar Scrub ($12.99)

Whichever scrub you chose, always make sure to moisturize after! Moisturizing will seal in all that added hydration and help lock in that healthy glow. Now go out there and show some skin! ;)

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This post is sponsored by Eclair Naturals.