Monday, December 4, 2017
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Happy Monday, everyone. Gosh, it feels good to be home. We flew out to Las Vegas last week for my fiance's work. We had such a great time but it was my first time ever away from the boys. I kind of struggled with it. I would start crying while FaceTiming them and every single thing I saw, I'd be like, "Oh wow, the boys would love the fountains at the Bellagio!" "Oooh, the kids would think the M&M store was so cool." I don't think we'll ever go out with the boys again!

Anywho, we're back and reunited (and it feels so good!) and we're officially in the Christmas spirit here. We've got our tree up, decorations are up (and being ripped apart by the boys) and we're  continuing our tradition of Christmas jammies and have thosepicked those out! Yeah, I'm totally that mom. I figure in a few years, I won't have much say in what they wear so I may as well cash it all in when they can't. I kid. Kind of.

I've put together the cutest comfiest jammies for boys that won't break the bank. I'm all for cute pajamas but there's no freakin' way this mama is spending $30 on a pair of pj's that they'll wear maybe a few times. Pshhhhh, not happening. I also added in our favorite Christmas books to read (we're big readers over here!) and some super cute slippers to keep their little toes warm!

Old Navy:


Christmas Books:


What holiday traditions do you celebrate?