Sunday, September 16, 2018
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I finally did it, you guys! I caved and bought the Urban Decay Born To Run Palette during the Sephora VIB Sale a few weeks back. It was a total moment of weakness as I had a gift card, plus 10% off, plus ebates was running a 3% back deal so I mean, it was kind of a no-brainer to grab it, y'know?

The Urban Decay Born To Run Palette ($49) was released as few months ago and, I mean, just look at this beauty. I knew I had to get my hands on it. The 21 pan eyeshadow palette (with a full-size mirror!) is inspired by traveling and having everything you need in one place to accommodate that - no matter what the occasion is. With the shades ranging from neutrals to bright pops of color to gorgeous jewel tones, this really is one of those palettes that has a little bit of something for everyone.

The packaging is heavy and sturdy - definitely something you can travel with. It has a magentic closure and a full size mirror which is awesome to have when on-the-go. I think the packaging is so cute. I even read that the images on the packaging are from Urban Decay's employee's from their own favorite adventures. How cool is that?!
Let's get to talkin' about the eyeshadows because, duh, that's what we're all here for, right?
  • Breakaway - a warm ivory shimmer.
  • Stranded - a pale rose gold with tonal micro-shimmer.
  • Blaze - a light metallic peach with pink shift.
  • Weekender - a light neutral beige matte.
  • Still Shot - a bright peach matte.
  • Riff - a brown-nude matte with floating micro-sparkle.
  • Good As Gone - a deep brown with iridescent micro-shimmer.
  • Hell Ride - a deep fuchsia matte.
  • Baja - a burnt orange matte.
  • Accelerate - a reddish copper metallic.
  • Guilt Trip - a smoky purple shimmer.
  • Ignite - a rose gold metallic.
  • Smog - a deep coppery bronze shimmer.
  • Wanderlust - a forest green with gold micro-shimmer.
  • Wildheart - a bright fuchsia.
  • Punk - a red brown matte.
  • Double Life - a metallic rust.
  • Jet - a black with deep shimmering purple shift.
  • Drift - a charcoal satin with tonal micro-sparkle.
  • Radio - a deep emerald satin.
  • Big Sky - a frosted green shimmer with iridescent micro-sparkle.
First things first, these are the worst shadows to swatch. I'm just going to come out and say it. I was so dang disappointed when I first swatched these on my arm. Like, Urban Decay would never. I was convinced I received a crappy one. Once I got them onto my eye (over a primer), they were much better but I decided to divide the shadows up into two categories: The TroubleMakers and The Good Ones.

The Trouble Makers:

Honesty bomb: I wasn't too thrilled with the mattes in this palette. *waits for angry mob* I know this palette got rave reviews from almost everyone I've seen. Maybe I did get a bad palette. But I have to be honest with you guys. Most of the mattes were workable but the three worst ones were Weekender, Still Shot and Hell Ride. Weekender was patchy and not that pigmented. I was bummed because it's a great transition shade - once it's built up. Still Shot was super sheer. Again, buildable? Absolutely. But it was so much work to get it opaque. Lastly, Hell Ride. Pigmented but so dang patchy, guys. All three of these guys had a bunch of fall out, as well. Oh! And while not the worst, I though I'd let y'all know that Wildheart is super sheer but when applied wet is beautiful.

The Good Ones:

Basically, all of the metallics. Holy cow! Double Life, Drift, Jet, Wanderlust and Smog are my absolute faves. One swipe of buttery soft goodness for each. All of them are incredibly opaque and smooth to work with. After a little disappointment with the mattes, the metallics came through with the win. I'm so impressed with these babies!

( Wearing: Riff in the crease, Still Shot on the lid, Hell Ride in the outer v. On the lower lash, Accelerate, Guilt Trip and Wanderlust. Breakaway in the inner corner)

Do you need this palette?

If you are getting this palette solely for the mattes and will not use the metallics, probably not. The mattes are gorgeous shades but if you're not into putting in some effort to make a shadow work for you, I'd pass. I don't mind layering to get something opaque or adding some water to make a shadow pop but I realize not everyone wants to do that or has to do that. If the metallics are what caught your eye, that absolutely - grab this baby! Urban Decay did not come to play with those. They're pigmented, blendable and just all around gorgeous.

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