Sunday, March 31, 2019
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Hey babes! Oh man. So, yesterday, we experienced 65 degree weather for the first time in what felt like decades (I'm super dramatic) but guys, it was glorious. Tonight, it's supposed to get back down to 32 but hey, at least I'll have these earrings to give me some spring vibes my way.

Weird transition, I know. I'm working on them. But seriously. How cute are these little ear crawlers?  I kind of feel like they'd be perfect for a music festival. Super cute, right? Now, what if I told you they were $2.98?! Crazy, right? I put together a few earrings that'll have you thinking of spring but won't have your wallet crying. Let's check them out!

Let's get allll up in my ear, shall we? These little ear crawlers are $2.98 - from Walmart! In fact, Walmart had a really cute selection of jewelry from their line Time & Tru that were under $5. Definitely worth checking out!