Monday, March 15, 2021

T-minus two days until St. Patrick's Day! Guys, we've had some weird stuff going on in the house. Shamrocks are showing up everywhere. Toilets are green. The boys are convinced a leprechaun has been pranking us this past week and we need to make a trap to catch it!

Here I am, thinking we can Pinterest this thang up - but the boys had other plans. In fact, they had complete creative control over the whole thing! Although, I did try to jazz it up...just a smidge...but they veto'd just about everything:

"The pom poms need gold in them."

"Wait. That's way too many pom poms." 

"We don't need decorations on it." 



  1. The trap. Grab a shoebox, crate, storage bin, etc. This is going to be the main part of the trap! Figure out how you want to trap it. Do you want the leprechaun to crawl up and in or walk straight in? Depending on which, create a ladder (use some cut up straws and glue them into a ladder form) or create an opening the leprechaun can walk through. We used this Cotton On crate ($9.99) that actually has a side that lifts up - perfect for a leprechaun to walk in!
  2. Decorate! My boys were more into the actual bait and trap aspect of ours, but feel free to go wild decorating! Throw on some rainbows, glitter, green, orange, shamrocks, etc. on it. 
  3. The bait. Rumor has it, leprechauns love gold, coins, anything that sparkles and some Lucky Charms. I asked Hunter to throw some pennies in it so I can take some pictures and he told me he'll just wait until the night of to put them. Tough crowd, over here!
Do you celebrate St. Patrick's Day?