Friday, November 11, 2022

A big thank you to Feast & Fettle for sponsoring this post. All opinions are our own.

Hi friends! Have you guys ever tried a meal delivery program before? This year has been, by far, our busiest year ever - filled with camping trips, moto races and soccer games - and with the holiday's right around the corner, it doesn't look like it's letting up any time soon! 

We recently tried out Feast & Fettle, a meal delivery service serving the Rhode Island, most of Massachusetts and most recently Connecticut and it has been an absolute lifesaver - especially for busy families! Feast & Fettle offers amazing home-cooked meals - never frozen, always fresh! - delivered straight to your doorstep. 

Scroll down to check out our meals (including entrees, sides, desserts, kid's meals and add ons!) as well as more information about Feast & Fettle!


Meal delivery services can be daunting but Feast & Fettle has made it super easy!


Each one, you can hop onto Feast & Fettle and choose your meals, two weeks in advance. Every week, you will have at least eight different options including three that will be vegetarian and vegan. Along with your main meal, you will have ten different sides to pair with your entrees. All ingredients are listed with each meal so you never have to guess what's inside. Submit your order before noon on Thursday the week before and you're ready to go!


Every meal is handmade - including the sauces, marinades, dressings and more - in a local commercial kitchen and chilled the day before your delivery is made so it arrives fresh. Guys, their sauces are out of this world. I cannot get over how good every single one we tried was. All ingredients are locally sourced with natural/organic options prioritized.


Meals are packed into insulated coolers with commercial-grade ice packs. Deliveries are made Sunday-Thursday, 10:30AM-6:30PM and you are always alerted with a text with your delivery time slot. They are literally the nicest people we've ever met! Ever meet a grumpy delivery guy? Yep, not here! If you're not home, no worries, these coolers promise to keep your food cool for up to four hours after delivery. All packaging is recyclable and coolers/ice packs (along with sanitized packaging) can be returned on your next delivery day. 


  • If you don't like the menu or don't need a delivery, you can skip weeks.
  • Each meal comes with cooking/heating up instructions!
  • You can customize your order - add extra extras, ask for no tomatoes, etc.
  • Although all meals are based around a family dinner experience, Feast & Fettle has a kids menu (with food kids will actually eat)!
  • Expecting company? You can easily add extra entrees and sides onto your order!
  • They have dessert! 👏


The menu we got to choose from was unreal, with delicious entrees, incredible sides and seasonal treats just in time for Halloween! Come check out what we tried and let me know in the comments what you would order!
Spinach & Red Pepper Ravioli w/ Greek Ragu + Seven Stars Vermont Cheddar Roll
Raviolis are always a favorite around here but stuffed with spinach and sweet red peppers? Incredible. Topped with an amazing Greek Ragu? Out of this world. Guys, I don't even like peppers but I still fought my fiancé over the last one. Whenever Feast & Fettle has offered the Seven Stars Vermont Cheddar Rolls as a side, I've chosen them as part of our order! The rolls have a nice crunch with small pieces of cheddar cheese baked in. So dang good!

Herb Crusted Pork Tenderloin w/ Fresh Cranberry Sauce + Roasted Fingerling Potato Poutine
Who doesn't love a good pork tenderloin? The herb crust is genius. It's not overpowering and truly compliments the pork but it's the fresh cranberry sauce that takes this dish to the next level. For the side, I chose roasted fingerling potato poutine. I've never tried poutine before but consider me a huge fan after trying this one!

Chicken Meatballs w/ Mango Chutney Glaze + Honey-Thyme Roasted Carrots
An instant favorite of ours, these chicken meatballs with a mango chutney glaze were amazing! The mango chutney glaze is sweet and perfect with the chicken meatballs. We loved them! I have yet to meet a roasted carrot I didn't love and these honey-thyme roasted ones were no exception.

Rigatoni w/ Sicilian Pesto + Seven Stars Vermont Cheddar Roll
I'm going to be honest: this rigatoni made me nervous to try! I love rigatoni. I love pesto...but I've never tried a Sicilian pesto! I mean, I didn't even know there was more than one kind of pesto, did you? The biggest difference is the addition of tomatoes and using almonds instead of pine nuts. It was fantastic! Paired together with one of those delicious Seven Stars Vermont Cheddar Rolls? Yes, please!

Eastern Standard Provisions Soft Pretzel Sticks w/ Housemade Honey Mustard + Cheeseburger Meatballs w/ Special Sauce
The kids were SO excited to try out some new founds. Brody went nuts over the soft pretzels. He's a bit of a pretzel connoisseur and gave these a big thumbs up. Hunter is more of a cheeseburger kind of kid so these cheeseburger meatballs were right up his alley. He absolutely loved them! I snuck one to try and thought they were so good!

Cheddar Egg Bites
I was so excited to try these but the boys (as you can see in the photo) got to them first and completely devoured them. Safe to say, they were the biggest hit! Both of them were asking for more!

Vegan Coconut Green Tea Parfait 
The parfait that inspired an entire Instagram story confessing my love over it. I mean, I still dream about this thing. The vegan coconut green tea parfait was the perfect meal to take on the go! It came in a plastic cup with a separate container filled with an incredible pumpkin seed granola to dump in. The parfait was layered with green tea soaked chia seeds and topped with a light mango curd. Excuse me while I wipe the drool from my face.

Wrights Dairy Farm 3-Pack Spooky Rice Krispy Treats
How adorable are these spooky little rice krispy treats? These were perfect to get us in the festive mood for Halloween! These were thick, buttery and filled with marshmallow-y goodness. 

Brown Butter Chocolate Cookie w/ Sea Salt
If a meal delivery service is going to offer dessert, you bet your booty I'm going to try them! Soft and chewy, with just the right amount of chocolate chips. The sprinkle of sea salt on top? Chef's kiss!

We are overjoyed with Feast & Fettle! From the friendliest delivery drivers bringing our food to us to the outstanding homemade meals; everything exceeded our wildest dreams with a meal delivery service. We've truly had our busiest year this year and tackling dinner time in between all of our activities has been one of my biggest obstacles. The cherry on top? We all got sick (the first of many times these past few months - oof!) the week we tried F&F and it was the best feeling knowing we had an amazing homemade dinner covered with Feast & Fettle. My fiancĂ© and I were just talking about how we have yet to try a meal from them that we didn't like. They're that good, guys!

With holidays right around the corner, Feast & Fettle would make an amazing gift! You can choose to gift meals for however many people you want, for however long you want. Check out their gift options here!

So, what do you think? Would you try a meal delivery service like Feast & Fettle? 
Have you tried a meal delivery service before? Let me know in the comments!