Sunday, October 8, 2023

The Halloween decor vibe this year (okay, every year)? Whimsical meets a dusty library where everything is not what it seems. I've always loved "weird" but I also love cutesy so why not marry them together? What's your Halloween decorating style?


Can we talk about the constant battle of "let's decorate every surface of the house" and "let's keep it minimalistic here"?! It's a struggle, guys. I, for the most part, keep the kitchen decor minimal (think small areas like the coffee area, bats on the cabinets, etc.) because we do a lot of cooking in there. 

  • bust and moon planter - HomeGoods finds from last year. I've seen the bust recently but haven't found the moon planters.
  • eyes of miss fortune potion bottle ($1) - These are so cute! You can find this (among seven others, I think) in the Target Dollar Spot for a buck each.
  • witchy crow ($3) - Another Dollar Spot find! They also have a franken-kitty and another animal to collect. The kids love these!
  • disco balls - The smaller ones are from Dollar Tree and the bigger ones are from At Home.
  • boo tray  ($16) - I originally bought this from Festive Farrar Co. last year but just found it in stock from Mind's Eye. I use it every year!