Monday, February 12, 2024

My favorite holidays trifecta is coming to an end, guys. My fave holidays go: Halloween, Christmas and lastly, Valentine's Day! There's just something about all the pink and red, the bows, the hearts - all of it just makes my heart sing! 

We've had our booties handed to us these past few weeks with some strange cold/virus thing and just when we think it's over, it comes right back around again. Have you guys had this? Anywho, I didn't get to decorate as nearly as much as I wanted to but I definitely wanted to show you think little spot in our kitchen that got love'd up!


Can we start with my bust friend, Henry? He is an EXACT mold dupe from Anthro but I actually found him at TJ Maxx for $12.99 (he's still in stores too)! When I tell you guys I gasped and lost my mind over him, that is not an exaggeration. He is the most amazing quality and incredibly heavy. I just adore him. To jazz him up for Valentine's Day, I threw a bow on him. Instantly festive. 

The ceramic cream and sugar set as well as the honey pot is from Target's Dollar Spot coming in at $5 each. They are so, so sweet. The disco heart with pom pom key chain is also from the Dollar Spot. The XOXO Serving Platter ($10) is one of my favorite things from this year. It's melamine but I'm so in love with the lip shape.

The candlestick holders are vintage but the candlesticks themselves are also a cute find from Target. I love the twisty shape of the candle and the fact that they're not real candles is a huge plus, as well!