Thursday, November 30, 2023

Raise your hand if you're Team Shatterproof Ornaments! Since the kids (and the cats!), we don't even bother with anything going on the tree that isn't cloth, felt or plastic. I actually think the cats are worse than the kids. They use our trees as jungle gyms! But anywho, I love the Anthro vibe the felt ornaments give. We normally get ours at Target (they truly have the best selection of felt ornaments) and I don't think we've ever spent over $5 for one. Every year, we let the kids choose their favorite to add to the tree!


  • Statue Blowing Bubble Ornament - Okay, she's not shatterproof but she's also not glass. She's like, super hard plastic and she's my favorite from this year. My friend, Kelsey, shared her and I just had to grab her!