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Sinful Colors, Julep & China Glaze Capital Colors - Instahaul

Hello all! Let me start but saying I have never in my entire life bought this much nail polish in such a short time span before. 14 polishes in about a week in a half. I also have the three from Julep on their way. My boyfriend hates me right now. LMAO.

Unfortunately, I haven't had time to swatch any of these although I plan on swatching all day Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday, I promise! Until then, I have pictures of all my recent buys to oogle over:

I received my first three Julep polishes from a blog sale over at LoveForLacquer's FB. The picture does no justice (Thanks, iPhone!) to the bright pop from Helena, the almost blood-red colored Demi and the muted neon (does that make sense?) that is Anne. I can't wait to swatch these babies! L-R: Helena, Demi and Anne

Next up are my drugstore faves: Sinful Colors! I have such a soft spot for Sinful Colors despite all the rants about them from others.You can find these at  your local Walgreens and I personally think they're one of the best bang-for-your-buck (well, technically $1.99) polishes out there. These five are from Sinful Color's Cast Away collection for Spring 2012. I did swatch these out on a nail wheel for fun and holy smokes! They're quite fantastic-looking. L-R: Zeus, Neptune, Greek Isles, Grecian Sun and Olympia

Last  but most certainly not least are the polishes from China Glaze Capital Colors (aka Hunger Games) Collection. I feel like I've waited for forever for these. I only bought six. I just wasn't feeling the others although I might have to go out and get Harvest Moon after seeing some swatches. I'm most excited to swatch out Stone Cold as I'm a suck for matte :) L-R: Fast Track, Agro, Luxe and Lush, Foie Gras, Stone Cold and Riveting

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  1. I saw the Sinful Colors polishes in Walgreens a week or so ago and I had to restrain myself from buying almost all of them. I want to go back and buy a few though, including that really pretty teal color you brought. I wish all nail polishes by every brand were as cheap as Sinful Colors! I would have over 1,000 nail polishes. Lol. =)


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