Thursday, July 17, 2014
Self tanner has definitely been a must-have for me this summer. I'm at that point in my pregnancy where I just want to be tan with soft skin and less cellulite. Cue: Whish Coconut Milk Self Tanner which is a self tanner unlike any self tanner that I've ever used before.

Whish Coconut Milk Self Tanner
Where do I even start? This self tanner is amazing! It's a self tanning body butter that keeps your skin soft and smooth while giving your skin a nice, brown tan. This tanner also has clinically proven ingredients that increase your skin's firmness by up to 32% in 8 weeks. 

I apply this in the morning or early afternoon after exfoliating, shaving and that whole shabang with a tanning glove. The consistency is that of a nice, body lotion that applies white and rubs in clear. It instantly makes my skin feel so incredibly smooth. Naturally, the issue with this is that there's no tan guard because it's a lotion but I find that as long as you pay attention to where you put it, it's kind of foolproof. This dries within a few minutes. The scent - ahhh - is the best part, guys. It smells like yummy coconut milk without ANY (and I mean ANY) self tanning scent whatsoever. I've applied this in the morning, put on clothes and went on with the day without any worries I would stink from it. I love it. Usually, I sleep with this on and than wash it off the next morning for a gorgeous tan every. single. time. Lasting time is about a week with no weird fading which is awesome. A lot of self tanners start to wear right in the inner elbow on me and it looks ridiculous. With this self tanner, it all just fades equally.

To firm your skin, Seaweed Extract, Coffee Arabica Extract and Kigelia African Fruit Extract are there to plump things up. To refine and clarify there's some Goji Berry, Soap Bark Extract and Organic Pomegranate Extract added in and lastly to keep your skin nice and moisturized there's Shea Butter, Mango Butter and Aloe. Needless to say, this self tanner has got it all!

the night before (above) | the morning after (below)
I mean, c'mon! Need I even say more? I've never had a tan like this. It's so natural. It's not the darkest I've been but it's definitely the most natural and flattering tan I've had from a self tanner. I absolutely love this and highly recommend this!

Whish Coconut Milk Self Tanner - Availability: Buy | Price: $30
* Press sample.