Tuesday, June 26, 2012
Hi dollfaces! I'm so excited to take part in a new challenge every Tuesday called Try It On Tuesday's! As Heidi from DIYPolish said: It is a personal challenge to start working through my never ending pile of untried polishes and I invite you all to do it with me! And boy do I ever have a lot of untrieds. So first up in this challenge is Expecto Patronum from Dollish Polish.

Expecto Patronum is a milky white jelly with a hint of turquoise shimmer, has iridescent flakies and varying size turquoise hexes. 

Macro bottle shot! 

Application was amazing and is totally opaque with three coats. 

How beautiful is this color?

The polish is named after the famous spell from the movie "Harry Potter & The Prisoner of Azakaban" which fends off Dementors with a glowing white shield of positive energy when used. 

Where To Buy: Dollish Polish - $8.75 for fullsize. Good news and bad news. Good news? DP is restocking this Friday! Bad news? She's not restocking this polish. BUT she will be restocking Random Dancing, Puttin' On The Ritzzz, Urban Camo and others! Make sure to like her FB to get updates!