Tuesday, August 7, 2012
Hi little lovebugs! Now, I know I'm easily excitable and all, but I am SUPER DUPER excited for this post.

The lovely Jill from Glisten & Glow sent me some of her products from her G&G collection and Sation Lilac Fiesta, one of the many polish lines she carries along with Essie, OPI, Orly, Barielle, China Glaze, Jade and HK Girl top coat, to name a few. The Glisten & Glow collection includes everything handmade from body wash to lip balm to hand sanitizer and get this: all totally customizable! How awesome is that? They have 95+ fragrances in stock to chose and you can even customize your label! I swear, Glisten & Glow is like Burger King: You can have everything your way! AND (yes, this 'and' needs all caps), Glisten & Glow has a mens line with scents like Armani Code, Fahrenheit and Obsession!

 8 oz. Body Butter in Sangria White Peach / $13.50 - I love this for so many reasons ! This scent reminds me a lot of a body mist from Victoria's Secret called Raspberry Lemonade that they discontinued a while back (I'm not sure why they called it Raspberry Lemonade when it didn't smell like raspberries). Sangria White Peach smells so yummy! Like summery peaches but not overpowering.  This body butter itself made my skin extremely smooth and wasn't sticky or oily at all. I loved it!

Glis-tics Cuticle Oil in Aloe & Green Tea / $10.50 - Another must-have product from G&G! Aloe & Green Tea smells like a day at the beach and I love it!

The rollerball is perfect for applying the cuticle oil without making a huge mess. I'm definitely guilty of doing that before! This is perfect to throw in your purse and go!

How cute is she? She customized it especially for me! Yours can be customized with anything! Perfect for weddings, birthdays, etc. Love that!

HK Girl Fast Drying & Super Shiny Clear Top Coat / $5.00 - So while Jill didn't send me this to review (I bought it a while back), I figured this would be the perfect time to review it since Jill sells it! She buys a huge bottle in bulk and then pours it into smaller bottles to sell. Guys, I swear by this. This is the only top coat I use. It's on the thick side (great for glitter bombs) but not so thick that it's unmanageable It leaves a very shiny top coat and I've had absolutely no shrinkage problems. Also, the dry time on this is unbelievable. It dries in about 2 minutes to the touch and four minutes for a full dry. It's crazy! 

Sation Lilac Fiesta / $5.50 - Along will all the G&G products, Jill sent me this polish! As I said before, Jill also carries nail polish from brands such as Essie, OPI, Sation, Jade (USA), Barielle and that's just naming a few! 

Lilac Fiesta has a fuschia base with hot pink flash.

Tried to catch the hot pink flash.


Excuse the blue! The polish I was previously wearing dyed my nails a little! I got most of it off but must've missed this one. This picture definitely shows the gorgeous flash this polish has. Definitely a keeper!

Where to Buy: All orders can be mailed to jill@glistenandglow.com and tell her I sent you! :) Nail polish orders can be sent to nails@glistenandglow.com. Also check out and 'like' G&G's FaceBook page and blog!

* Products in this post were provided to me by the manufacturer or their PR company for an honest review.