Monday, September 3, 2012
Good-bye August! August was the best month ever this year! My 24th birthday was on the 24th and my nephew Colton was born on the 26th. That was an action packed weekend to say the least! As sad as I am to see summer end, I'm crazy about the fall! Halloween, hayrides, pumpkin and apple picking, the leaves changing, boots and sweater weather - I'm all about it! Bring on September!

But WAIT! Not before I show you my August favorites! :)

Werther's Original Caramel Apple Filled Candies - Walmart / $1.98
Hello fall! I'm addicted to these and have eaten an entire bag in one sitting. No joke. I love that they still taste like a Werther but with a creamy apple filling inside. Fruity, a little salty and caramel-y! Perfection.

EOS Balm in Strawberry Sorbet - Buy
So I just received this from the lovely Mercedes at Beauty Beyond Lounge a few days ago and it's already snuck it's way into my favorites. Strawberry Sorbet smells and tastes yummy (I totally lick my lips!). What makes this lip balm even better is that it has vitamin E, shea butter and jojoba oils in it to make your lips smooth!

Maybelline Eye Studio in Strut it Suede - Limited Edition
So I bought this a couple of months ago and than kind of forgot about it. Oops. I'm not sure why because I fell in love with it this month! It was my go-to quad for a natural and bronzed look for summer.

Sorry for the mess! L-R: a matte tan, a shimmery champagne, a gold and a chocolate brown.

NYC Smooth Skin Bronzer in Sunny - Walmart / $2.98
As much as I love my ELF bronzer, I had heard rave reviews on this one and had to try it out! I'm so happy I did. At under $3, a matte drugstore bronzer is a holy grail! I wouldn't say I'm Kim Kardashian tan, but I have a little color to me and this worked really well for a subtle bronze. Very build-able and not orange-y at all.

And I'm a sucker for cute things imprinted in so the sun got me!

I'm matte about this bronzer! *Snort* Okay. That was super corny.

Escada Sunset Heat - Buy
I feel like August was the month of using things I haven't used in forever! My boyfriend bought me this perfume a few Christmases ago, used it and then switched to my Dolce & Gabanna Light Blue. I'm not sure what made me try this again but I'm thankful I did! Sunset Heat is the epitome of summer bottled into a perfume. 

Maybelline The Falsies Volume Express - Buy
Move over Million Dollar Lashes, I think I have a new favorite! Again, this mascara was tossed to the side after buying it last month and picked up this month! No clumps here! This mascara went on smoothly and created pretty voluminous lashes. 

Pomegranate Lacquer Blue Screen of Death Buy / Review
Do I even need to explain why this is an August favorite? SO GORGEOUS.

Skull Bracelets Duo - Present from a friend but I think they're from Hot Topic!
Everyone who knows me knows I love skulls so this was the perfect gift for me!

Leather Bracelets - Presents from my mom and dad but they're from TJ Maxx.
My parents know me so well! The three "bracelets" on the bottom are actually one that coils to look like three.The top bracelet is grey leather with a sparkly rectangle of crystals in the center.

Arm candy!

Cupcake Necklace - Present from my baby nephew, Colton!
This gift made me cry! My brother and his girlfriend bought it and hid it in my nephew's blankets and called me into the room. They asked me to check out his new onesie and when I lifted the blanket, this cupcake was underneath! Tears ensued.

It's a cupcake because he'll call me Auntie Cupcake when he's older. LMAO.

Victoria's Secret PINK iPhone Case  - N/A
I love this case! Naturally, my camera dulled the pure hot pink neon-ness this case has. My friend and I received them when we bought VS hoodies together. I think this was part of a limited edition special.

Friendship Box - From a friend!
How sweet is this box? In all the world there is no better friend than you. 

Skull Hair Clip - In the box from a friend but I think it's from Hot Topic.
I can imagine everyone imagining me as some gothic chick right now.

More Skull Hair Clips - From my friend but I think they're from Hot Topic.
I just really like bows and skulls.

Francesca's Collection Turq and Caicos - From a friend!
This picture does NO JUSTICE to the color. It's a bit neon and definitely more green.

Everyone - meet my handsome nephew Colton Hunter! PS. See? I'm not gothic! ;)

Favorite Songs:
Hello - Karmin
As Long As You Love Me - Justin Bieber (Don't you dare judge me!)
I Won't Give Up - Jason Mraz (He's my boyfriend so I must support him)
She's So Mean - Matchbox Twenty

Hope everyone enjoys their Labor Day weekend! What were some of your favorite things in August?