Wednesday, September 19, 2012
Hi loves! Today I have for you the September Ipsy (formerly known as MyGlam) bag! I always love when these come out but I'm especially excited for this one. 

For those of you who have never heard of MyGlam,  MyGlam is a company created by Michelle Phan, a YouTube Beauty Vlogger. Every month (for $10), MyGlam sends out a cute make up bag full of full sized or "deluxe" samples. On their website, each month a beauty stylist will put together a look using the correlating products. 

This month, Michelle changed the name from MyGlam to Ipsy which comes from the latin word ipse  for "sense of self". Right now, the site is in invite-only mode, but previously subscribed members have full access which includes taking a quiz for future bags to be catered to OUR likes, a more community-feel to the site where we can chat with others that share the same interests, being able to pick a username and sharing our looks directly on the site.

Overall, I'm pretty stoked for this change! The name change is adorable and I particularly like the whole community feel they're creating. I'm also excited for received products catered to me, but at the same time, I hate feeling left out if someone gets a cooler color or something than me. I'm greedy like that ;)

The theme for September's bag is Beauty by You. I'm not quite sure what that theme entails but I was happy with this bag nonetheless. 

A postcard introducing the name change! But wait. 

Oh hey! I'm on there! A few weeks back, MyGlam had a "casting call" to submit your picture to be used on their postcard in a mosaic theme. I was chosen! Five in from the left, fourth one down from the top.

MyGlam always includes a theme-related postcard that lists what's in the bag this month.

Me again! 

adore this bag! A spacious black nylon wristlet with a gold zipper. I am definitely using this tomorrow night for the concert I'm going to!

SOHO Smudge Brush Buy
As someone who is currently expanding their brush collection, this was perfect for me! This brush is perfect for creating a smokey eye and smudging your liner. 

Carol's Daughter Monoi Repairing Split End Sealer - Buy
Another product right up my alley because I have the worst split ends. I tried this in the shower this morning and instantly fell in love. It smells amazing and my ends look smoother.

Mirabella in Semiformal Buy
Semiformal is a shimmery copper. This is a perfect fall color that would go great with plum eyeliner or use it to create a brown smokey eye. I was a little disappointed it was in a pan and would've preferred it to be in a case of some sort but hey, beggars can't be choosers. 

I accidentally nicked it - oopsies!

Jane. Sparkle Gloss in Sparkle Pink Buy
I have no idea why the picture came out super red. This gloss is berry with a soft pink shimmer in it. It's your typical sticky lip gloss but the color pay off is gorgeous and I think it's worth it. I've read you can put some eye shadow on your lip gloss to "matte" it.

Circus by Andrea's Choice in Tightrope Buy (N/A)
I love, love, love this polish! Tightrope is a neon fuchsia with a surprise finish!

It's a matte polish! This is over Andrea's Choice in Reverso (white). 

Overall: I LOVE this bag and everything in it! No crazy eye shadow colors, no unwearable lip glosses - that's an A+ in my book.