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Falling Forward Nail Art Challenge - Day Three: Rainy Days!

Hi all! Today is day three of the Falling Forward Nail Art Challenge which is Rainy Days!

Before we even get started, let me preface this post a little: I love my boyfriend to death. He has always been my number one fan and my biggest supporter for everything, including this blog. When I sat down to do this challenge, I couldn't figure out what else to include on my nails besides rain drops and lightening bolts. Do I dare to even try to draw rain boots? Maybe a rain cloud? My boyfriend suggested an umbrella. "Eh, maybe. I think I like the rain cloud." "No, you should definitely do an umbrella." "I don't know. I'm thinking rain cloud." "NO! UMBRELLA!" And thus, my boyfriend won and drew his rendition of an umbrella for me. The big baby.

I used Zoya Megan, China Glaze Lemon Fizz, China Glaze Concrete Catwalk, China Glaze Adventure Red-y and China Glaze Platinum Silver for this freehand design.

And a close up :)

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  1. Your boyfriend sounds funny! That reminds me of me and my hubs!

    This is totally cute!! :D

    1. Aww your husband helps you with your nails too? LMAO. My boyfriend is hysterical. I mean, can I really get mad that he wants to help me paint my nails? Hahahaha.

      Thank you'!

  2. How cute!!! Btw, I tagged you for a blog award, you can check it out here: :)

    1. Thank you and oh my gosh, DOUBLE thank you! <33333333333 That's so awesome!


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