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Lynnderella The Glittering Crowd - Review & Swatches

Hi loves! So sorry for missing lately! I've been sick with a wicked sinus infection (the kind that makes you feel like you've been punched in the face repeatedly) and working like a mad woman. BUT today I have for you one of my most favorite glitter topcoats ever: Lynnderella The Glittering Crowd! It feels so long since I've shown you all a polish that I'm not reviewing but showing to you just because I like it. 

Lynnderella The Glittering Crowd is a clear base with "over 100 different multi-colored hexagons, squares and bar glitter". This bottle is by far the most interesting polish I've ever owned. Every time I paint my nails with it, a new color pops up. I love it!

Macro shot. How pretty are all of those colors?

Excuse how rough my hands look. My hands have taken such a beating with this cold weather and new job. Sad face.

This is two coats over Essie Sand Tropez (what else?) and mattified with NYC Matte Top Coat. I had no issues with fishing for glitters nor any dragging. It was perfect!

This top coat makes me so happy with all of it's colors. It feels like a party!

Availability/Where To Buy: I don't currently see it in Lynnderella's eBay shop but I have seen it pop up at least once a week in it so keep checking back!


  1. this looks like a new bottle, mine is older and has bar glitter (as well as curling glitters)

    1. Oh no :( Curling glitter is the worst!

  2. the color and the glitters. This mani is not only perfect for this season but for all season. Love it!


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