Monday, February 4, 2013
Hey dolls! Tonight I reviewed something that I usually never use because I'm terrified of them: nail appliques. Or commonly known as nail stickers. I've always had issues with these things. Either they don't stick or they rip; the list goes on and on but the end result is always a nightmare ... Until I received these!

I received a satin red set and a sparkly green set in InCoco's (now ) old packaging.

I also received two Valentine's Day themed sets in InCoco's new packaging!

The old packaging sets came with directions, the set itself, a wood cuticle tool (not shown) and small emery board (also not shown), a small french tips set and a polish removal cloth. The new packaging came with directions and the set itself only.

Wa-la! How gorgeous is this? My mom flipped over it saying how perfect this would be for St. Patrick's Day. My camera LOL'd at my attempts to capture how truly sparkly it is in person, unfortunately. 

Now get this: IT WAS SO EASY! Ahhhh! I can't even get over how easy this was. Not all nail stickers are created equal, thank God! InCoco has definitely made me a believer in using nail stickers. You guys have no idea how many times I would pick up some nail stickers, get frustrated, have my mom help me, have her get frustrated and just throw them out. Not any more! Let's check out how to apply them!

How to Apply: 

Before anything, make sure your nails are clean from any base coat, lotion, etc. Select the size that fits you best. Each strip has two different sizes - one on each end. Remove the top clear film. Peel strip, starting from the silver tab.

Carefully break the silver tab away from the color strip. The color strip is very pliable, stretchy and sticky. Hold the middle of the strip and lay the rounded edges against the cuticle. Smooth until wrinkle free. 

Perfect? Eh, maybe not. It was my first try! 

Now let's check out the Valentine's Day themed ones! 

D-R-O-O-L! Check out the super sparkly heart print accent nail!

Sigh! Finally, a super easy to apply nail sticker with absolutely adorable prints to boot! 

Easy as pie! The older packaged InCoco's came with a remover cloth (felt cloth soaked in acetone) but the newer packaged ones didn't. Removal was exactly the same as normal nail polished nails. There was a tiny bit of glue residue from the sticker left over, but nothing an extra swipe with the cloth couldn't take care off.

Overall: I was very (I wish I could underline that a million times) impressed with InCoco's Nail Appliques! Worn by J.Lo, Vera Wang and Vanessa Hudgens (just to name a few), InCoco rocks it with trendy prints. Not only were the designs very cute but the stickers themselves were very easy to work with. They were very flexible and sticky and adhered to my nail very easily. A++++++++

This product was sent to me for review.