Monday, May 6, 2013
Oh yeah. It's that time again: April Ipsy bag review time! I get SO excited for the beginning of the month because I know that cute hot pink bubble mailer will be in my mailbox soon. It's really the little things for me ;)

April's theme is Pretty in Pink - "This April, pinks have never looked so pretty! We have a bouquet of amazing beauty products waiting just for you. Create a Look and blend them with your favorite pastels and bright hues for an original and exquisite start to your very own version of spring beauty!" 

The bag - I really like this one! It's a white bag with pink trim. The inside (I forgot to take a picture!) is pink stripes. Really cute and simple. Unfortunately, I've heard from a few people that they received a different bag than this one but I'm not sure the reasoning why.

Big Sexy Hair Powder Play Volumizing & Texturizing Powder - Buy
I've always been a huge fan and long time user of Big Sexy Hair so I was pretty excited to see this in my bag. This is perfect to just throw into my bag and go because of it's small size. Basically, toss a little into your hair (a little goes a long way), scrunch the roots and you're good to go!

Two Cosmetics Duo Eyeshadow in Heartache - Buy
I'm always hesitate with pink eyeshadows. It can go two ways: 1.) Awesome and you look like a badass make-up artist that knows what they're doing with any color of the rainbow or 2.) You look like you're deathly ill. Can you guess which one I end up looking like? Hint: Not the badass make-up artist one. So lately, I've been brushing up on my brush/blending/make-up skills via hours of watching beauty vloggers and think I can kind of sort of maybe pull off the colored eyeshadow look. These eyeshadows were pretty pigmented with primer underneath and with hardly any fall out. 

Sation Nail Lacquer in Corset I'll Call You - Buy
Yay! A Sation polish! I'm a HUGE fan of Sation so this was a really sweet surprise in my bag. The color itself is a really pretty dark peach color. It's a bit sheer and will need about three coats to get to some opacity. 

be a Bombshell Blush in Sweet Cheeks - Buy
LOVE this blush. I'm going to marry this blush. This blush is so awesome for pale skin and tan skin pretties alike. It just gives that gorgeous flushed look (that I'm obsessed with) without looking too baby doll. Pigmentation is great without being too opaque. One dip gives just the right amount of blush for each cheek. I don't think I would've tried this had it not been in my bag so thank you, Ipsy!

be a Bombshell Blush in Sweet Cheeks

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So what do you guys think about pink eyeshadow? I didn't think I pull it off but I'm definitely a believer now!