Wednesday, May 8, 2013
Hey cupcakes! So recently I was sent a few products from one of my favorite "drugstore" make-up companies of all time: Hard Candy! I've always been a big, huge fan of theirs. I mean, they're affordable, convenient (exclusive to Walmart!) and are amazing quality? What more is there to ask for? Nadda. Except if they were made of chocolate.

Hard Candy Eyeshadow Palette in Naturally Gorgeous, Shadowholic in Pink Lady and Plumping Serum Volumizing Lip Gloss in Girl Next Door

Hard Candy Eyeshadow Palette in Naturally Gorgeous
Naturally Gorgeous is part of Hard Candy's "Top Ten Eyeshadow Palettes" from their Fall 2012 collection. The palettes are a ten-pan set with .04 oz of eyeshadow each of "warm" neutral colors. At first I thought this palette was a cheap dupe of Urban Decay's Naked Palette but I was way off. This palette is full of warmer neutral shades while UD's Naked is a mix of cool and warm shades. Also, this palette is all shimmers while UD is a combo of matte and shimmer. I also noticed that a few of the shades in this palette have some fall out issues but for the most part, this palette was amazing, especially for the price ($6!). Very well pigmented with great color pay off. Unfortunately, none of these shades have names.

Shade #2 on the inner lid, #8 on the outer lid, #3 in the crease, #4 on the bottom.

Hard Candy Shadowholic 12 Hour Waterproof Eye Crayon in Pink Lady
Pink is definitely in this spring! This crayon is a vibrant pink. I wasn't sure how to even work with pink eyeliner but I found that this crayon is very wearable. The crayon just glides onto your eye. Super smooth and creamy. Absolutely no creasing with this baby but you can still blend it or move it around. This came with a jumbo crayon sharper which is ah-mazing for them to do. I likey! 

Shadowholic Pink Lady

Hard Candy Plumping Serum Volumizing Lip Gloss in Girl Next Door
I have a love/hate relationship with plumping serums. I love the effect but hate the just-ate-a-hundred-hot-wings-feeling on my lips. Thankfully, while this lip gloss does tingle, it's more of a minty tingle and it doesn't last too long, maybe about five minutes. The color is a sheer pink with light pink flecks in it and is absolutely gorgeous. I bet those would look amazing over a nude lip! 

So what are your feelings on Hard Candy make-up? Do you believe a quality product can have a cheap price? 

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