Sunday, August 18, 2013
Hello (again!) dolls! Awwww yes. It's a two posts in one day kind of day! I'm feeling pretty darn productive if I do say so myself. *Brushes shoulders off*


I have swatches and a review of the LCN Shades of Desert Collection - inspired by the bold, colorful hues of the Orient, this quad of jewel-toned hues embodies all of the luxury and mystery that is the Far East.

LCN Shades of Desert Quad

Shades of Desert Collection

Pink Pepper - is a jewel-toned magenta.
First off, I love the name! The polish itself is fantastic. One smooth coat was full opacity but if you're OCD like me and think it always needs at least two, that's works too :)

Fiery Cumin - an exotic, spicy orange.
I didn't think I was going to like this but I think it's my favorite from the collection. One coat will do the trick. Excuse the indents in my nails. I had one stickers before this and the removal was not kind to my nails. Wah. 

Blue Oasis - a cool, calming turquoise.
Besides one coat giving me full opacity, I feel like I have a million of these turquoises and it didn't seem to stand out. I will say that this is the best formula of the turquoises I have. 

Hot Chili - a bold, passionate red.
OHEMGEE. I love this red! It's almost neon, that's how bright and bold this baby is. Two coats did the trick for me and were super smooth. This is the perfect cherry red.

Availability: In stock on LCN
Price: $7.50 each or $24.90 for quad

What do you think of this collection? How amazing is Hot Chili and Fiery Cumin?!