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Firmoo Eyeglasses in #FZL028 - Review + Giveaway!

Helllllo everyone! Today I have for you a little different of a review than I normally do that I was very excited to try out: Firmoo eyeglasses! For those who don't know, I've been wearing glasses since the 6th grade. Around highschool, I succumbed to contacts but I still wear glasses about 2-3 times a week.

A few weeks ago, Firmoo was awesome enough to send me some new eyeglasses to try out! Firmoo is ah-mazing for cheap, high quality and super trendy glasses for prescription and non-prescription eyeglass wearers. It's also really easy to order from. Have prescription glasses? There's a super easy form to fill out with all your info. AND, Firmoo currently has a Free Glasses Program right now - all you do is pay shipping! Don't like your glasses? You can return/exchange them with no hassle.

So let's check out the glasses I chose - #FZL028 in red!

Large sized and retro styled, always popular.
How cute are these glasses? Unfortunately, I couldn't find my prescription so I ended up getting these without a prescription in them. Wah! I don't think it'll be a problem to take these somewhere and get prescription lens popped in though. If you don't have a prescription, I think glasses are still fun to rock as an accessory. The quality on these glasses are amazing. I've already dropped them (oops!) and no scratches to be seen.  

My Firmoo glasses came with a hard case, a soft velvet drawstring bag as an alternative to the hard case and a cloth. 

Giveaway has unfortunately been cancelled. My apologies! Xx 


  1. I would love to win this one

    I have always wanted green glasses!

  2. I've always wanted oversized prescription glasses, but they were too expensive! :((
    I would love either one of these in Red please:

    Thank you SO SO SO much for the Giveaway! :))

  3. Shared on Facebook:

    & again, thank you SO much.!

  4. I like the frame.. It really cool for me. We always recommend Firmoo glasses at OSI

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