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Three-Eyed Monster Nails - Tutorial

Hello my little monsters! Yesterday, I posted a picture of my monster nails on Instagram and asked if you wanted to see a tutorial. Judging by the amount of likes it got, I'm going to go with a HECK YEAH, you want to see how to get your monster claws on!

PS. I plan on doing more Halloween nail (and make-up) tutorials so if you have anything in mind you'd like to see, please leave me suggestions in the comments!

  • 1. Start off with a clear base coat (to prevent staining) and then paint a turquoise base (I used Essie Cab-Ana).
  • 2. For your thumb, pointer, ring and pinky finger - Take a dotting tool (or tooth pick or even a bobby pin) and dot imperfect circles onto your nails. I used two different colors (Essie Playdate & Essie Butler Please) but you can use one color or as many as you want. Finish off with a top coat!
  • 3. For your middle finger, dip your dotting tool into white and dot a big circle onto the middle of your nail. Then create two smaller white dots next to it. Create a small black dot into the middle of each white circle to create the pupil for your eyes. For the mouth, using a tooth pick and black paint, create a jagged half circle. Remember, it doesn't have to be perfect! Using the other side of that toothpick, dip into white and create two longer fangs on each side and then three small triangles in the middle for more teeth.
  • 4. To finish off your middle finger, you can create imperfect dots around the eyes, using the method in step 2. Don't forget a top coat!
Ta-da - I mean, RAWRRRRRRR, you did it!

Do you guys want to see more Halloween nail tutorials? Let me know below! xx


  1. LOVE this Almost reminds me of Sully from Monster's Inc.

  2. My little sister is obsessed with Monsters Inc and she is going to flip a YOU KNOW WHAT when she sees this! I have to try this out on her... so cool!

    1. Ahhhhh! I would LOVE to see it if you do it :)

  3. Rylan saw me scroll through this and said SULLY!!! Hahah! Love it!

  4. These are adorable! I agree... It's Sully!


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