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Zoya Satin Fall 2013 Collection - Swatches & Review

Hi muffins! Today I have the other half of Zoya's Satin & Cashmere Collection - the Satins (check out the Cashmere side here)! This collection is filled with jewel-toned shimmers and a gorgeous glitter top coat. Let's check them out! xx

 Channing - is a rusty or coppery red metallic.
I would describe this as more of an orange or orange-y red but it's still absolutely gorgeous nonetheless. This reminds me a tiny bit of China Glaze Harvest Moon, but Channing is a bit more red. This is two coats with absolutely no issues with the formula.

 Mason - is a red violet or "Fandango Pink" metallic.
Ahh, Mason is so pretty! I have no clue what Fandango Pink means though. Anyone know? This was originally designed for Zang Toi SS13. This is two coats with absolutely no issues with the formula.

Claudine - is a striking dark meteorite gray metallic.
Unfortunately, my camera couldn't really catch the true color of this. It's definitely a bit darker in person. It's absolutely stunning but I notice it lacks the depth the other colors seem to have. This is two coats with no issues.

 Giovanna - is a stunning emerald metallic.
If mermaids wore nail polish, they would totally rock this color! Again, my camera couldn't really catch the true color - it's a bit darker than this in person. This was originally designed for Zang Toi/AW13. This is two coats with absolutely no issues with the formula.
Maria-Luisa - is a gold cellophane accent topper.
Sweet niblets, I'm in love! I love when a glitter topper just works really well over anything and deposits just the right amount of glitter with every stroke. A+, Zoya! This was originally designed for Rafael Cennamo/AW13. No issues with the formula.

Neve - a sapphire blue metallic.
What a trickster! In the bottle, I was almost positive this was going to be a purple-blue, but on the nail, it's a gorgeous sapphire blue! No issues with the formula here!

Overall, this collection is perfection for fall. It's filled with beautifully pigmented jewel colors in multi-dimensional shimmers. LOVE them! My favorites are Maria Luisa, Neve and Giovanna! What are your favorites?

Price: $8 each or $48 for the sampler
Availability: Zoya


  1. I have no idea what Fandango Pink is either, but it sounds awesome. These look great on you

  2. I love Giovanna! Gorgeous swatches!

  3. beautiful polishes. Amazing fall collection.


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