Wednesday, October 16, 2013
Good morning! Today I have two polishes that I think SCREAM fall when I see them - Pahlish Fevers & Mirrors and Greenery & Humid Air! Let's check 'em out!

Pahlish Greenery & Humid Air | Pahlish Fevers & Mirrors

Pahlish Greenery & Humid Air - a deep teal jelly polish with an assortment of purple, aqua, and pink shimmers accented by sparse holographic shimmer and green microglitters.

Sweet Mother of Pearl - look at this thing! I'm just so head over heels in love with this color. This is two coats of absolute smooth perfection. I think a coat of HK Girl Top Coat would've made this baby really sparkle but I left a top coat off so you can what you're getting.

Pahlish Fevers & Mirrors - a deep, shimmering wine-red jelly with a mix of metallic and holographic gold glitters including gold circles.

This is three coats of vampy-ness! I did have some issues with staining around the cuticle area but had no issues with staining on the nail. Go figure!

Overall, these two are gorgeous! I've always known Pahlish to have amazing polishes with great formula and these two definitely live up to those expectations!

Price: $9 | Availability: Pahlish - Unfortunately, I don't see Fevers & Mirrors on the site but Greenery & Humid Air is available!

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