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Anastasia Beverly Hills Catwalk Palette - Swatches & Review

Hey babes! I first mentioned this little guy back in my October Favorites and promised I'd have a review up soon. Ahem, well, two months after the fact is still better than nothing, right?

I remember when the Anastasia Beverly Hills Catwalk Palette first came out, it was pure madness! They kept selling out everywhere and I couldn't help but wonder what the heck all the hype was about. 

Let me tell you guys. The hype is real. Let's check out why.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Catwalk Palette comes with ten eyeshadows ranging from shimmer to matte finish. The palette is leopard themed (cat = catwalk, get it?) which I absolutely love. The top is gold with velvet leopard print and then inside is a blue-green leopard print. The mirror inside? Not a fan. It's almost like a funhouse mirror. I've never seen that before. Lastly, this palette comes with a nice quality double sided brush.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Catwalk Palette

Anastasia Beverly Hills Catwalk Palette
My absolute favorite thing about this palette is how pigmented each and every eyeshadow is. Almost all of them can be used without a primer and achieve such a gorgeous opaqueness without fading or creasing. If I were to nitpick, I would say that the matte shades compared to the rest need a little help to build opacity.

L-R: Callback, Strut, Scout, Beauty Mark, LBD, Day Rate, Couture, RTW, 10K and Pose
Callback - a soft, peachy champagne shimmer.
Strut - a dark wine with sparkle.
Scout - a peach with gold shimmer. Basically NARS Orgasm in eyeshadow form.
Beauty Mark - a warm toned matte brown.
LBD - a black satin.
Day Rate - pink nude matte. 
Couture - a chocolate brown with gold flecks. 
RTW - a gold metallic.
10K - a light gold metallic. Seriously buttery soft.
Pose - a greyish violet with shimmer. It's so hard to describe this.

Lid: Scout | Inner Corner: Call Back | Outer V: Beauty Mark

Overall, this palette is pretty gorgeous! I feel like there's some colors that I wouldn't normally try but ended up really liking (ie: the dark shades). Two cons to this palette: the weird funhouse mirror and that there's no highlight shade. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills - Ulta | Anastasia - Price: $29


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  3. I've heard such great things about this palette! Thanks for sharing!

  4. This is a great palette, so glad I was able to snag one.

  5. Love all the leopard! And the eye you created is have amazing lashes!

  6. Wow, those are SO pigmented! Lovely


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