Wednesday, December 4, 2013
Hi lovebugs! Lately, I've been totally diggin' the monogram trend. My love for monograms  dates back to the good ol' LL Bean bookbags that my mom wouldn't dare put my first name on ("A stranger could call you by your name and you might think they're a family friend.") Yup. I had that mom (that I love so very much). So my initials it was. Except now we call them monograms because they're in a fancy font and we're older now. Right?

A few weeks ago, I got together with NameTheNecklace and they let me pick out my own necklace with my initials. I chose a black acrylic monogram necklace with an 18" chain. SOOO cute!

The monogram is acrylic with a gold plated brass chain. Unfortunately, I have no clue if it's real gold. I'll be honest. It doesn't have a tag on the necklace like one usually does when it's real. Nonetheless, it's pretty sturdy albeit the chain is delicate and light. I haven't experienced any tarnishing nor the tell-tale green ring. 

I love that this is totally customizable. The chain lengths come in 14", 16", 18", 20" and 22"! I chose 18". You can also chose the color of the acrylic that you want. I chose black because well, it goes with everything! 

Do you love it? Good news! NameTheNecklace and I have joined together to give away one acrylic monogram necklace (just like mine) to one of my lucky readers! Hooray! 

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