Monday, December 9, 2013
Hey loves! Today I have a review of an up-and-coming nail applique company - Bauble NY

From their site:
Bauble New York is a beauty startup focused on creating great nail fashion through nail polish appliqués also known as nail polish wraps or strips. Our nail polish appliqués are trendy and since they follow the ebbs and flow of fashion, you will find that our entire Winter Collection not only features the colors of the season, but the patterns and whims that inspire your favorite designers.

Bauble NY Life Is But A Dream Nail Appliques
I received Life Is But A Dream which is a dreamy swirl of metallic foils. I really like the design because it's something that really goes with every outfit. This wrap's design kind of reminds me of an oil spill. 

This set came with two sets of self-adhesive appliques ranging in size and a smooth/rough file. I read on the site that it also comes with a cuticle pusher but I didn't get one. No biggie! 

Overall, I really liked these but I did have some tiny issues. The nail appliques were very easy and soft to work with which was perfect to mold over the nail but it seemed like every time I moved, it would make a little ding in it because it was so soft. I could smooth it over again with the heat of my finger but just something I noticed. Also, my nails are pretty small and while there was a wide range of sizes to chose from, I had a hard time finding an applique that was close to my size which resulted in a lot of excess applique to pull off. Hey, when you like something, you make it work, right? 

How To Apply:
1. Prep your nails by buffing, pushing back your cuticles, etc.
2. Select the nail strip closest to your size. 
3. Start by placing the strip at the first corner of your nail.
4. Gently stretch the strip across to cover your entire nail.
5. After it's placed on your nail and you like the way it looks, seal the strip onto your nail by rubbing your finger across the surface.
6. Work your finger towards the edge and bend the excess over the edge of your nail.
7. File the edge in a downward motion and smooth over the newly filed edge with your finger.
8. Use top coat to seal in the strips on the nails.

Bauble NYShop | Facebook | Twitter - Availability: Currently, they're available for preorder.