Thursday, December 12, 2013
Merry Christmas Eve, everyone! I'll be making cookies (do you guys want recipes of what I'm making? I'd love to post them!), eating my life away and wrapping all day today. 

Sunday night, Mr. XO, Noelle (Hahahahaha that has a lovely ring to it) had a work party and I had to make a mad dash to paint my nails. No joke, they've been nakey all week! So I pulled out some of my nail art tools and got to work!

  • Thumb -  Essie Marshmallow base with a white triangle at base of my nail 
  • Pointer - China Glaze Platinum Silver with Above The Curve Kerbabbled!
  • Middle - Essie Marshmallow base with China Glaze Platinum Silver & Zoya Livingston polka dots
  • Ring - Zoya Livingston base with a random white striper winter sweater design (that smudged because I was in a rush - wah!)
  • Pinky - Essie Marshmallow base with Essie Set in Stone over it
What do you guys think?  What are you wearing on your nails this Christmas? Post them to my Facebook so I can share them! I probably won't have any posts on Christmas or the day after, but I'll be back on Friday! Xx