Wednesday, December 11, 2013
Good afternoon, dolls! Still looking for gifts for the family? Or if you're like me, you just started shopping and feel a little lost. Search no more, Fashion First Aid is here and they can help with just about anything!

Naturally, whenever a company asks me to review their product, I stalk check out their website. When I say they can help with anything, I mean anything! At first glance of their site, you can shop by problem (worn soles, scuff marks, visible bra straps, etc.) or click away if you know what you're looking for. They also have an "Honest Kim" section where you can ask them for their honest opinion that your best friend won't give you.

From their site:
Kim Leone Olenicoff Castellano  ian expert when it comes to Boobs, Sweat & Farts. She earned the unglamorous and unlikely distinction by leaving the lucrative life as an attorney to start her own company selling Garment Guard, the first disposable adhesive underarm shields. Armed with Nordstrom as one of her first accounts, she went on to attempt to solve other embarrassing personal problems including SBDs (with Subtle Butt: disposable gas neutralizers) and saggy boots (with Boot Stay: adhesive sag preventers). The result of honed legal research skills, life-long overanalyzing, 30,000 miles around the world on her sailboat, and a touch of OCD is Fashion First Aid, a brand with over 35 (and counting) clever products to save face and save money preventing common beauty and fashion faux pas. She holds several patents and numerous trademarks on these products, and actually does a terrible Vanilla Ice imitation, attempting to rap, “If you got a problem, Yo! I'll solve it! Check out the mike while my DJ revolves it.” Please do not bring that up.

A company with a sense of humor AND can solve my weirdest fashion problems? SIGN ME UP! They were nice enough to send me their Shoe Done It Kit! Let's check it out! 

Shoe Done It - Take the mystery out of shoe care.
This box contains everything you will ever need for almost any shoe woe that comes your way. Whether it be stinky feet or saggy boots, this kit has you covered! This kit comes with:

  • Sole Glow - a sponge to clean and shine up your lackluster leather.
  • Ped Pens - to touch up any scuffs or nicks on your shoes. 
  • Heel of Steel - heel shields to protect your heels that may be punctured or hacked.
  • Flat Liners - footwear odor killers for stinky feet.
  • Kung Shoe Grip - nonslip adhesives for inside or outside your shoes.
  • Heel Seals - adhesive sole savers for worn out parts of your shoes.
  • Wunder Cover - tattoo and skin shields to prevent chafing or to hide something.
  • Boot Stay - adhesive sag preventers for those boots that just won't stay up!
So since some of the others might be hard to show how they work through pictures, I do have a before and after testing out the Sole Glow sponge on my favorite leather boots. I will say that this is a sponge that shines and will not take out deep scratches. This is more for light scuffs.   

Overall, I'm almost 100% sure this kit will cover any shoe dilemma I ever come across in my entire life. Each solution is high quality and really prevents the problem or helps resolve it. My favorites are the Sole Glow sponge and the Kung Shoe Grip! I also really love that this company takes a light-hearted approach to what could be a girl's embarrassing or awkward shoe problem and makes it fun. 

First Aid Fashion - Shop | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest - Availability/Price: - In stock. $69.95 ($79 value!)