Friday, January 10, 2014
Beyond my obsession of mascara and palettes, lies another obsession: wedge shoes. So when I saw these six inches of glittery awesomeness at I knew she had to have them! Wedges are the only heel I can wear and not worry about tottering over or breaking an ankle. Pumps? No can do. But wedges? I can almost run in them bad boys.

For those who might not remember, I worked with for Halloween with my Ring Leader Make-Up Tutorial. Sure, the site might have some things to get your sexy on with but they include some things you can wear outside your bedroom as well.

Take these wedges for example. I definitely could rock these with just about anything. The glitter gives it a fun twist that could take it from jeans and a tee to a little party dress. The heel itself is 6" while the platform in the front is 1 1/2". The glitter did come off a little but I mean, how can you really keep all that glitter on without a little falling off? Let's be realistic.

Pleaser Black 6" Glitter Wedges

Pleaser Black 6" Glitter Wedges
I'll admit it. I don't think I've ever owned a pair of 6" anything nonetheless wedges. I felt incredibly tall in these. I'm 5'6 so 6 feet tall! My fiance looked like such a shorty standing next to me. It was hilarious! Walking in these took some time to get used to. I never felt like my ankle would snap but more I would just fall over because I was so high up. 

Pleaser Black 6" Glitter Wedges
Overall, I dare you all to try out 6" heels (I'm so not responsible for any hospital bills)! The Pleaser Black 6" Glitter Wedges definitely gave me a run for my money as far as testing how high I could possibly go. I felt sexy and sleek in these wedges. The glitter keeps the shoe fun and flirty but the wedges makes it (somewhat) easy to wear. Do I see myself running around doing errands in these? Absolutely not. Can I see myself going to a party with them on? Sure. As long as I can sit down after ;) Shop | Facebook | Instagram | Price: $65.84
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