Thursday, January 9, 2014
Hey guys! So today I have a review on something I'd definitely like to sprinkle more into my blog - fashion! The dress is from Rose Wholesale and it's cute but - well, you're probably wondering why it's not on me. That's because it didn't fit. I decided to review this company/dress as not a warning, but more a heads up.

A few things to keep in mind and look out for while browsing/shopping this site:
- A lot of their clothes are "one size fits all". I had read on the site that "one size" is equivalent to an American medium. WRONG. At least for me. The dress that I received was "one size" on the site but marked large and in NO WAY was even close to a large. More like a small to extra small.

- You kind of get what you pay for. The quality is there and while I wouldn't describe it as a high, I wouldn't describe it as poor either. The dress I ordered (had I actually been able to wear it) looked like it definitely could've gotten some wear from it but I wouldn't expect it to last 7-10 times in the wash. My advice when shopping on this site is to always check their sizing chart (which didn't help in this case but still) and to always check and see if there's feedback from the customers.

- They're shipping from Hong Kong. And while there's nothing wrong with that a lot of people are surprised by how long the shipping time takes. Shipping takes forever. My dress arrived about 20 days after ordering it which is pretty standard for overseas shipping anywhere. So if you're looking to wear whatever you ordered next week, it's not going to happen.

- Their return policy. It's pretty nuts. I had thought about returning this dress for something else until I checked out their return policy. According to their site, you need to pay the shipping fee which is a pretty penny overseas. Nonetheless, following tracking once it gets there is sometimes almost impossible. It's just a lot of fuss for a $10 shirt. On top of all of that, you'll only receive a partial refund to cover some of the item cost and shipping fees. To me, it's not worth it.

The dress is the Puff Sleeves Pearl Denim Dress and I see it now when you click on the link, it gives the option of different sizes. Keep in mind a large fits like a freakin' small if you plan on purchasing. The top half is a denim button down with lace-trimmed Peter Pan collar. The pearl accents on the bow chest pockets are absolutely adorable! The bottom (which is sewn attached to the top) is a white chiffon ruffle skirt with a white slip underneath. It comes with the "leather" bow belt as seen in the picture on the website.

Bottom Line: Purchase with caution. Okay. That sounded dramatic. But seriously. Read customer's reviews about the product before purchasing. A lot of the reviews will say "runs small" or "runs true to size".

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