Tuesday, January 28, 2014
Hey dolls! Who caught It Cosmetics on QVC last night? My mom is obsessed with QVC and suckered me in. Normally, I hate watching QVC only because they have such cool stuff and then I see the five easy payments of $50.99 and I'm like, "THAT'S SUCH A STEAL!" and end up getting myself in trouble. Anyway, the entire time Jamie Kern was explaining the products and how they worked, I'd be like, "Yes. SO true! Mom, are you watching? YES! So pigmented. They work with plastic surgeons, y'know." Needless to say, I'm a pretty big fan of It Cosmetics. I have yet to experience anything less then amazing results with their products.

It Cosmetics Celebration Foundation in Light Medium
Let me just say that the magic with this began before I even had it in my hands. I never told It Cosmetics what skintone I have. Yet they sent the exact foundation match for my skin. MIND BLOWN. They must have some skintone matching ninjas over there. They recommend using the IT Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe Buffing Airbrush Foundation Brush but I found a normal fluffy foundation brush works just as well. This foundation contains hydrolyzed collagen, peptides, antioxidants, rose, silk, aloe and their signature "Drops of Light" technology. 

Normally, I'm a liquid foundation girl all the way. How else can you conceal and cover everything? Powder can't do that, right? Right? Okay. For a powder foundation, it's pretty damn amazing. The Celebration Foundation is a finely milled foundation with medium coverage although the package says you can build it up for full opacity. On the skin, it doesn't feel heavy not pore-clogging (my biggest fear) but rather light as air; like you're not wearing anything. I've been wearing this for a few weeks now and have yet to experience any creasing or flaking off. I'm pretty amazed at this product! The only downside to this product is that it transfers on to anything that comes near your face. Collar of your jacket, blankets, etc. It does wash off but just keep that in mind. Wear time is about eight hours!


Overall, I really like this powder foundation! It created almost an airbrushed effect on my skin and covered almost all of my redness. Never did it crease or flake off.  I was for sure convinced my pores would suck this in but it stayed on the skin all day!

IT Cosmetics: Buy (found a better deal that includes a brush!) - Site - Facebook  | Price: $49.50
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