Tuesday, January 14, 2014
Okay. Don't kill me but I wanted to do one more limited edition holiday palette review before we hop into Spring collections! My fiance bought this for me for Christmas! AND put down your pitchforks because I actually think this is still available. Whoop whoop!

Too Faced Joy To The Girls Palette
Joy To The Girls Palette contains 15 0.6oz eyeshadows and a full size Too Faced Lashgasm Mascara. This palette is definitely for the neutral lovers and doesn't really contain any bold colors. It contains mattes and satins with some fun, shimmery shades mixed in to make it a nice well-rounded palette.

Too Faced Joy To The Girls Palette
Did you know? This palette's packaging was designed by celebrity decorator Mary McDonald!

On the left, we have a Glamour Guide with three looks for weekday, weekend and party time using the shadows in the palette. I love, love, love when products include tutorials. On the right, we have the palette itself. Can I just how happy I am that the names of the shadows are underneath the shade? I hate when I don't know the name of the shadow I'm using.

  • Cookie Dough - a satin beige brown. One of my favorite colors of this palette! Soft and blendable.
  • Cheers - a metallic rose gold. Super pigmented and another favorite! Smooth and blendable.
  • Prancer - a shimmery warm gold. Pigmented, but a little on the gritty side from the shimmer. I have no clue why this one feels gritty while the other shimmery ones don't. It's still super pretty 
  • Sugar Plum - a deep plum with silver sparkles. Love! Incredible pigmentation with no fall out from the sparkles. Soft and blendable.
  • Mulberry - a plumy brown matte. Talk about butter! Silky smooth, pigmented and blendable.
  • Snow Angel - a snow white matte. A bit on the powdery side. Not very blendable. It kind of disappears on your eyelid if you're not wearing a primer.

  • Powdered Sugar - pale pink matte. I couldn't get over how pigmented this was. A bit on the powdery side but useable and surprisingly blendable.
  • Too-Too - pink with silver sparkles. Pigmented but kind of fades when you blend it out.
  • Yule Log - dark brown with gold sparkles. This reminds me SO much of a log with embers. The name is perfect! Pigmentation is fantastic, blendable and buttery soft.
  • Chestnut - medium brown shimmer. Pigmented, silky and blendable.
  • Twinkle - gold metallic. Silky smooth. Ugh, just perfection to work with. Pigmentation is out of this world.
  • Joy - metallic baby blue. Pigmented but I recommend a primer underneath to really make this pop.

  • Spike The Punch - peachy pink with silver shimmer. Kind of like Too -Too's peachy sister. Pigmentation is there but primer would make it look better. Soft and blendable.
  • Chimney - a pewter grey with sparkles. Super pigmented, blendable and silky smooth.
  • Coal - a matte black. A bit patchy. I think almost everyone has this in their collection somewhere. Just your run-of-the-mill black.

Overall, this palette is great! There's a couple of shades that are powdery and a few that may need a primer underneath to really make them pop, but I really like this. This is the perfect palette of light, whimsical colors with just the right amount of shimmer and glitz.

Too Faced: Shop | Price: $46